Deep Freeze in the Deep South

Snow and ice leave hundreds of thousands without power and trap motorists on roads.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Deep Freeze in the Deep South
Ginger zee is leading the extreme weather team. She's got coverage up and down the coast, including Philadelphia. Let's get outside to snowy times square. Ginger? We have plenty. Some of the heaviest snow falling now and in the next couple of hours. It will transition to sleet and ept event eventually rain. This was heavy, plinding snow in D.C. You should see the capital. Cow C you can hardly. They've had almost a foot already. The snow totals are moving north. Here's what you can expect on top of what you already have. Look at this graphic with he here. West of D.C., heavy stuff. And especially west of the I-95 corridor. That coastal part is what I'm concerned mixing in. The radar right now, it's not only snowing heavy along that line, but look at this. We move south to Atlanta, where it is still snowing. That's right. The back end of it. Exactly where we have our Steve osunsami on the travel nightmares from there through the Carolinas. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. This small iceberg a rare sight in Atlanta. The flurries are still in the air this morning. This city is is shut down. The few snowplows they have here Hard to believe the pictures from North Carolina highways this morning. Drivers stuck on the ice all night. It looked just like Atlanta two weeks ago, when two inches of snow and some would say poor planning led to this. Overnight, out of control cars. Trucks, fire, and ice, Olding up rescue vehicles. Like this ambulance in Atlanta. The neighbors had to get out to clear a path. Go, go, go! Reporter: And this fire truck in Raleigh. Whiteouts caused spinouts. These trucks nearly colliding. Some drivesiving up and walking away from their cars. The National Guard is working 24/7 as a miserable mix of snow, ice, and rain hug east coast. Hundreds of thousands of families are without power. And the snow is not the only thing falling. Terrifying. Hearing the tree crack and watching it fall from my window and landing on my daughter's room was very dramatic. Reporter: Roofs are giving way, too. I was out here playing with hi kids. The next thing I know, E saw the roof caved in. Reporter: Live wires are breaking in two. My house was shaking. This storm is unpredictable. It's one of the toughest storms we'll see in our history, most likely. Reporter: This storm has stranded passengers on I-40 in Tennessee, shut down the federal government, and it's about to put a big thorn in the middle of Valentine's day deliveries this week. It will do that. A real mess in north Carolina. Highways there turning into parking lots. And Angelica Alvarez of our station wtbd son the road in Raleigh. How is it going there? Reporter: Good morning, robin. Yeah, north carolinians not heeding the warnings. We're along glenwood avenue in Raleigh. This is being dubbed a parking lot. Cars on the sides of the roads. Drivers choosing to abandon their car and seek shelter. We're seeing several reports of accidents. A handful of fatalities being reported. Thousands of power outages here. Cleanup is under way. Our department of transportation plowing the snow, towing cars. It's not over for us just yet. We're if for another round of sleet and snow coming at us in just a few hours. So while we get ready for that, I'll send it back to you guys. George? Thank you. Now the Philadelphia. Snow is making up there. This storm after so many in that region lost power last week. Linzie Janis is live with the late latest. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, George. We're just to the northwest of Philadelphia. People here just had power restored yesterday, nine days after a massive storm hit this area last week. So far, no power outages this morning. The to show coming down thick and fast. The power company says it's got 5,000 workers from around the country here standing by. Those workers were called in last week when 850,000 people were left without power. Those outages the worst since superstorm sandy. The power company saying it was caught offguard by the severity of the last storm. This time, they say they're ready. North now to gio Benitez. He's in Westfield, New Jersey. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. Take a look. This is the fluffy snow falling right now. About 10 inches expected. You said it. Take a look. This is the worst part of the storm right here. You have this ice that built up here during the last storm. The heavy ice. The snow is falling on top of it, creating more problems. Ginger said it. This storm, later this afternoon, this snowfall is going to be turning into rained sleet. So it will be slushy here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Snow and ice leave hundreds of thousands without power and trap motorists on roads.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22493303","title":"Deep Freeze in the Deep South","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-deep-freeze-deep-south-22493303"}