Heavy Rains Cause Flooding Across the Country

Flash flood warnings have been issued throughout the Midwest.
1:42 | 08/22/14

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Transcript for Heavy Rains Cause Flooding Across the Country
beginning with that severe weather, flash flood warnings and watches in effect out in the midwest right now. You know that ginger is tracking it all for us. Yeah, more than 80 severe weather reports and doesn't count the flash flood warnings or lightning at the freedom tower. Always stunning to see that it's the Numbers coming out around Chicago, parts of Indiana. 10 plus inches since midnight. Take a look. Overnight, highways shutting down just outside Chicago. More than 4 1/2 inches of rain fall until just a few hours. Thousands of miles west in California, this is what it sounds like inside this. A towering wave of dust known as a haboob rolling across the land near Palm Springs. Visibility near zero in seconds. Another haboob in Arizona. Winds up to 45 miles per hour triggering the impressive rolling waves. Back east, more flooding. Waters sweeping over this car in Moorhead city, North Carolina, more than 4 inches in 90 minutes and look at the amount of water rushing into this resort near Scranton, Pennsylvania. No sleep in port Jervis new York. Remember we were talking about that general not organized risk of severe storms. Look how many in yellow. It's the pockets of Orange we want to spend more time on. This afternoon and evening throughout parts of the plains, Nebraska, Kansas into parts of southwestern Iowa. Look out for damaging wind and potential for hail and right here in nags head down to Wilmington. Much more coming up in my weather, the nation's weather including big heat in the south,

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{"id":25081179,"title":"Heavy Rains Cause Flooding Across the Country","duration":"1:42","description":"Flash flood warnings have been issued throughout the Midwest.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-heavy-rains-flooding-country-25081179","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}