Northeast Flash Flooding Causes Evacuations

Highways turned into rivers and many people stranded as heavy rainfall hit the Northeast.
2:08 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Northeast Flash Flooding Causes Evacuations
It does. Thank you so much. We're going to go to the rainstorm that's affecting so much of the northeast. It was a quarter of the country that ended the summer. If you call that holiday the end of summer. With what seemed to be the summer specialty. That was the supersoaking thunderstorms. We'll show you the pictures out of the pennsylvania area. This kind of rain coming. We heard it all summer long. Four inches of rain in a matter of hours. Look at the totals. From maine to new jersey, where the big rainfall totals. A lot of places getting four inches of rain in about four hours. Providence, philadelphia. You don't have to imagine how difficult it is because we have videotape. Drenching downpours. A half-inch of rain in 15 minutes. Rushed floodwaters into cranston, rhode island. Residents evacuated by boat. It came up so fast. Like, you just had to react. Reporter: Two inches of rain per hour in parts of pennsylvania. In springfield, pennsylvania, dozens of people were rescued from waist-high water in a b.J.'S whole sail parking lot. While others were left stranded in the store. It was up to the seats. You can see in the coffee cup holder, it's still full of water. Reporter: One of the nation's busiest highways, new york city's grand central parkway was reformed into what looked like a river after three inches of rain. And the river wasn't the only problem. A bolt of lightning shot this 110-foot flag pole 50 feet into the air. A big billow of smoke. Sparks. Reporter: And in miami, florida, the weather turned deadly. Three men were taking shelter from a sudden storm under a tractor-trailer when lightning struck, killing one of the men and leaving the other two hospitalized with severe burns. If you were out at the time, it was impossible to get around them. But warnings came around the time the pop-up thunderstorms developed. You're going to love the temperatures for the great lakes and the northeast. And they even get cooler by the time we get to the weekend. Robin? George? And it is scary. Fast. It is. Sam, thank you. Now, to diana nyad's incredible achievement. Swimming more than 100 miles

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{"id":20140691,"title":"Northeast Flash Flooding Causes Evacuations","duration":"2:08","description":"Highways turned into rivers and many people stranded as heavy rainfall hit the Northeast.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-northeast-flash-flooding-evacuations-20140691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}