Beauty Product Promises to Camouflage Under-Eye Bags

Neotensil claims that within three hours of application it will get rid of puffiness under your eyes.
2:22 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beauty Product Promises to Camouflage Under-Eye Bags
Want to switch gears now and talk about one of the latest beauty fixes out. It's a product that promises to camouflage your puffy under-eye bags once and for all. I hope it works. We had bianna use it about three hours ago. We're going to see how it did in just a moment. But first, here's how it works. The dreaded under-eye bag. Purple, puffy and pouchy. They can crop up on anyone. Even on anchorman Ron burgundy. You could fix them with surgery or injections. But now -- It's chicwear for the undereye bag. Reporter: It's a film you apply yourself under the eyes. In three hours, the puffiness is gone. It's like spanx for your eyes. Look at these befores and afters. Dr. Doris day started offering it to her appreciates just this week. Does it hurt at all? Not at all. Reporter: After you take off your makeup, you put two jells under the eye. The first is a base. The second activates the product. When they meet, they form an invisible elastic-like membrane over your under-eye bags. It's a way of holding you up in an invisible way. It helps the under-eye bags. But what I noticed. Even if you have wrinkles in that area, the skin looks smoother. Reporter: It's a temporary fix. And a seven-week supply costs about $500. But the company says it won't change the color under your eye. And Dr. Day says it has no harmful after-effects. It's important to be healthy overall. But it's nice to have a treatment that can help you look better, every day, for that special event or when you want it. Reporter: You can't put your own makeup over it. You have a choice of powders from the company. Here it is. The reshaping base, the activating layer. And you put this on after when you want to take it off. And two minutes and you're set. How do you like it? You look great. Reporter: I feel like my skin is pulled back. It's tighter a bit. But I can see a difference. That's the point, right? Reporter: And it's comfortable. I would wear it all day. Where do they come up with the spanx for eyes? Is there any correlation? Reporter: Just like spanx do. I got it. You say it's worth a shot? Reporter: I like it. Thank you. We know what that means. "Jury is out."

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{"id":23253234,"title":"Beauty Product Promises to Camouflage Under-Eye Bags","duration":"2:22","description":"Neotensil claims that within three hours of application it will get rid of puffiness under your eyes.","url":"/GMA/video/eye-bags-neotensil-beauty-product-promise-camouflage-hours-23253234","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}