Fabulous Lives of 'The #RichKids of Beverly Hills'

New E! reality show taps into voyeuristic, aspirational daydreaming of ordinary folks.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fabulous Lives of 'The #RichKids of Beverly Hills'
Ultimately. It seems to me the rich kids of Beverly Hills is ignoring one of the oldest rules -- entertainment. Landmark is itching Atlanta Tulsa. It's an old rule that states -- leading character to be successful must be just a little. -- -- Can't get an apartment. -- audience has to emphasize even just a little -- And I -- last -- -- to help me had cats here mountains are missing and that's me Harry. Little and -- that's Morgan Dorothy F. Believe me as conniving manipulative and really does bother themselves -- -- that the dead. -- like we have one halves -- how good my -- look. Rooms -- trying to -- Laurie do. Will be a blockbuster it's great TV. Starring bad people or at least people behaving badly it's time. I think into the massive market for voice wristed it past the race -- shows all the way from. Million dollar listing the comps can be anywhere from one point two million to maybe 89 million to the shots at sunset. Your I don't know how the money that these people -- it's fun to see how they -- And apparently that's healthy degree of aspiration will daydreaming. Is good for us they can afford to be more dangerous in and we aren't that's half -- we like to watch them right. Is -- their bad behavior is multiplied by the amount of dollars they throw. Turns and these shows aren't wrong mr. of the minds during the economic and turned it. It's the -- shows like men with wives of wherever slumped in -- and along came Holmes off. -- -- -- on the and that show about pregnant teens on MTV well -- and the New Orleans and the little -- there on the food. Who gave us the viewers a chance to -- day as well as. Launch of a show like the rich kids Beverly Hills isn't. Economic indicates a bit like the NASDAQ. Telling us we're nano on an economic upswing I have are part of our -- -- -- And there are more rich young people. Than ever before. So you have your FaceBook to Twitter is and with every single one of those IPOs are creating hundreds if not thousands of new millionaires overnight. And then of course you have the the city stream. Of the sum of colleges best and brightest and to finance were kids are becoming very which rich very quickly. I see the rich kids in Beverly Hills -- a new virulent. Drug resistant spray. Mix reality TV -- -- the activity equally nauseating. Rich kids it instead -- Tumblr page of photos posted by kids. Barely old enough to -- These kids know. Humility about -- -- They are willing to brag and show you everything they got they someone I've seen from the -- -- I feel like the -- kids of Beverly Hills. You know they're a little more in your face that a little more obnoxious than what we typically see of the card Asean's. So yes there's an element of -- mixed with the pats are racing on the show like the pedestrians. We're watching the -- -- deal with the same light -- that we will struggle -- are actually in arguing with -- -- what used yeah. -- real -- -- arguing with a real man disappoint. -- Mind you there's there's that common bond. And -- lot of them. While -- the risks are very relatable to the average viewer might ease in which kids -- Beverly Hills news be on that humanity. So far all we've seen is a promo clip and debris by news released by -- authority for example describing herself as fund employee. Which means unemployed. Which is so far. It remains to be seen how -- we'll accept these kids and accept this. I did think the timing might be hard for viewers coming up the holidays. They might be hard to. Look at people flaunting well. While we at home may be struggling to pay off our bills she had. -- not race. -- -- -- -- If you're the sort of person who still believes in the American dreams and still believes that this is something that you yourself can obtain if you continue to work hard and try hard. Then it's more aspiration -- obnoxious Beverly Hills -- And maybe characters and -- entertainment doesn't need to be even a little bit likable anymore. Maybe that's just. So the last century. I'm nick -- for Nightline. In Los Angeles.

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{"id":21287752,"title":"Fabulous Lives of 'The #RichKids of Beverly Hills' ","duration":"3:00","description":"New E! reality show taps into voyeuristic, aspirational daydreaming of ordinary folks. ","url":"/GMA/video/fabulous-lives-richkids-beverly-hills-21287752","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}