Facebook Adoption Cuts Out Middle Man

Many find the social networking site creates a smoother path toward adoption.
3:46 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Facebook Adoption Cuts Out Middle Man
One more waited FaceBook is changing our lives anyone -- tried to adopt a child knows how challenging even heartbreaking that process can be. But more and more couples are -- -- that they can smooth the path to their new -- by using the social network actually adopting babies through FaceBook. Behind his back to tell us more about it continues to. Surprise us George over the years FaceBook has become an integral part of our daily lives. -- to reunite friends and family -- in some cases help make new ones. We were touched by -- story -- first dreaded Parenting Magazine last month about how a young couple desperate to start a family. Surprisingly found the answer to their prayers through the social networking site as it turns out they're not alone. This faster -- Zimmerman. They look like that happy -- conventional family in America mom dad and baby. I don't know -- was -- as about as unconventional as one can imagine. Melissa -- adopted their sun -- from FaceBook yes Facebook's. And surprisingly hundreds of couples just like them are looking to social networking sites to find birth mother. Couples or even creating online videos -- on YouTube. A far cry from the days of posting ads in the local Paper like in the movies you know. You should look at adoption that I see them all the time in the penny saver. They have ads for parents. As newlyweds Melissa -- struggle to start a family unable to conceive and ultimately losing twins in childbirth. I remember thinking it's. That I would never spoken to. -- will never get through it. But the couple did not give up determined to have a child they decided on a private adoption -- does -- tell everybody knows you're sending emails a couple of times are -- remember reading and -- it was like -- -- number you're right. After months of waiting with no responses set the FaceBook novice who with a time had only forty friends. Posted their adoption flyer on his site and it was -- posted by his friend John. A friend of John -- John hadn't spoken to in twenty years saw the flyer and she said. You know I work with the couple and I knows one -- doesn't have a plan for her baby would you like to conquer. The couple jumped at the opportunity and met with -- to local Starbucks -- the next day and then you just start asking her -- and that's our personal questions. Tough questions and our lawyer told us what you know some questions asked she decided -- Seth and Melissa should adopt her baby. Lawyers throughout the papers and in a matter of weeks the adoption was under way. A month later -- -- was born she -- -- he's perfect she's perfect. And then you know I don't -- got to hold a right away the so from the moment he was given to us. We felt like he was -- killers really -- Molly and John -- struggled to adopt for five years and took started a group on FaceBook which led to the adoption of their son -- The couple -- shared their story with FaceBook engineers at their headquarters last year on the FaceBook -- she sought it here real people here's their story. They have friends the Internet is changing adoption forever in historic ways. Adam -- and wrote the book adoption nation -- sees great potential in using the Internet if it's part of an informed. Process. It's a wonderful expediting -- -- -- questioning -- the F elevates family knows they were very lucky to find a birth mother so quickly the faithful. And are patiently hoping for a second -- baby now -- NFC. -- his unconventional journey is just another story -- Iron Man. With the very happy ending. Great kid -- --

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{"id":15678136,"title":"Facebook Adoption Cuts Out Middle Man","duration":"3:46","description":"Many find the social networking site creates a smoother path toward adoption.","url":"/GMA/video/facebook-child-adoption-cuts-middle-man-15678136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}