Facebook Under Fire for Selling Access to Users

Does the social media giant sell users' private information?
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Under Fire for Selling Access to Users
Now, this morning to facebook. And new questions about how the company may be using our personal information. The company is under fire right now for selling access to its 900 million users. Abc's bianna golodryga is here, more, now, with the details. Reporter: Good morning to you. This morning, facebook is facing another crisis of confidence, about how it handles privacy. It's a growing backlash after reports that the company is allowing advertisers to target users based on detailed, personal information. All of this coming as mark zuckerberg is 5,000 miles away in russia, telling is idea of facebook to an entirely new market. The company that convinced its users to share nearly everything about themselves and their personal lives online is reportedly now exploring new, more invasive ways of tapping into its most lucrative asset, its nearly 9 million users. The commitment we made is we're going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected. Reporter: But "the wall street journal" reports that facebook is opening those connections to marketers. Reportedly now allowing them to target ads based on the e-mail addresses and phone numbers users post on their profiles. It's a service facebook competitors, like google and yahoo! Have offered marketers for years. But bun mark zuckerberg, the company's founder, has publicly shied away from. What facebook is doing is keeping tabs on what you're doing all over the web. Ultimately, facebook is a business. Facebook makes more money if they sell more advertising. Reporter: Analysts say the move comes as zuckerberg faces increasing pressure from shareholders. Especially after facebook's disastrous ipo. Since stocks started selling in may, it's lost nearly half of its predebut value. Mark zuckerberg is not an advertising guy. He's reluctant to make facebook a place where advertisers thrive and users don't. But at a certain point, this is the balance that facebook has to juggle. Reporter: What users may not like is reports that the company is studying how its online ads later affect how users buy offline.

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{"id":17383013,"title":"Facebook Under Fire for Selling Access to Users","duration":"3:00","description":"Does the social media giant sell users' private information?","url":"/GMA/video/facebook-fire-selling-access-users-17383013","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}