"Once Upon a Time" Star Dishes on New Season

Jennifer Morrison returns to ABC hit show with new episodes on Sundays.
3:33 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for "Once Upon a Time" Star Dishes on New Season
Now one of the season's breakout TV hits is ABC's own once upon a time to show. About about -- fairy tale characters but here is the all important twist they're all living. In the modern day world in a small New England town and they have no memory of their real identity that shows back with a brand new episode this Sunday night. One of the stars Jennifer -- and is here with me this morning and Jennifer good morning to you give my thanks so again you are the daughter. Of Snow White. And prince charming house and yet nobody's really aware of these -- can you give us a quick back stories to catch us up. Yeah I mean basically you can have very good job of explaining it's kind of hard to articulate but -- at that every ferry took character ever written actually exists and -- -- but his first and they don't other trade -- -- they're living amongst us. And and it's been prophesied in our story that the daughter of Stein for attorneys and it would come and reversed the curse on her her start to reverse the president when he -- So I play that character. And she was abandoned his first she -- as a child she's had a bit of a rough life she's been in the Foster system she's been through seven different homes she's been abused she's been an out -- -- -- Bail bonds woman and -- bounty -- yes yes and yeah on an about can't area so you are an unlikely. You're an unlikely hero or heroine here at least the beginning yet now the brand new episode and I do want to caution everybody step away from the TV if you don't wanna know this because. The major character I won't say the name has just been killed can you give us an idea then of what we're gonna see this on -- And this Sunday you know the town has to deal with -- -- obviously and it's very shocking nothing has changed in town for so many years the fact that something so drastic -- happened is a big deal. And also now and this share position has been and is is now available so Regina who. Obviously -- have control in town she's gonna try to put someone that she neutral in that position and then mr. gold. Is now sort of -- -- some of his power and happening he thinks he can manipulate. And my character and try to get her into -- decisions and our have a runoff for the. For the share here's what's grade mr. Gould is also rumpled still -- Snow plows -- take a quick look at what we're gonna see this on the people in my life things that you think. Oh please think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- reason you're going. It's time to -- precious you know. Assists and eventually. -- -- -- -- -- And I have to say -- it's got that creepy feel comfortable. -- producers were lost -- so there is. That yes -- had -- -- Adam Horowitz who were writers on loss for all those years came up with this idea and created and the stories they come up what they're just incredible every week -- freaked out and read the Scripps College other I can't believe this happened very quickly as a bit of a young daughter I liked the fact that on the show. The women. Our strong some very strong female. I you know I mean Adam really felt strongly about that they felt like to make -- tells relevant now you know you really had a fine. And empowerment in women in and find their strengthen and have them have their identities and and you know not just -- -- damsel in distress -- as much as there are moments that all of us are in distress and and do need help. You do also see these women who are really self assured and and very confident very strong and it's been really fun as an action to get to do that that's tremendous and -- -- and again continued success we wish union it is once upon a time it -- Sundays at 8:7 central right here on ABC.

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{"id":15304266,"title":"\"Once Upon a Time\" Star Dishes on New Season","duration":"3:33","description":"Jennifer Morrison returns to ABC hit show with new episodes on Sundays. ","url":"/GMA/video/fairy-tale-characters-modern-times-15304266","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}