Kate Middleton Look-a-Like Hits NYC Landmarks

Sharyn Alfonsi interviews a pretend princess living a true fairy tale.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate Middleton Look-a-Like Hits NYC Landmarks
First, coming up on friday, we're about to meet our very special guest. She is living a true fairly tale, going from a blue-collar job, to being treated like royalty. What is it really like getting the royal treatment? Sharyn alfonsi spent the day with her. Reporter: Everywhere she goes, she turns heads. I think one. Yeah. Reporter: But look closely. That's not kate. But rather, heidi, the duchess of the double-take. Heidi was a single mom, a waitress, working at a hamburger joint in the u.K. Customers couldn't stop staring. So, heidi quit her job and works full-time as a kate look alike. Heidi says it's all been a bit of a fairy tale. It's amazing. Reporter: She now gets the royal treatment wherever she goes. Have you learned to curtesy? People curtesy to me. You don't have to learn how. I get people curtesying to me. Reporter: We hit the streets of new york together. All right. We're having dirty water dogs with the duchess. Cheers. Reporter: Yeah, cheers. She has kate nailed. The walk, the wave, the princess pose. She's very formal. Yeah. Reporter: You can't throw a hip or anything. No. Reporter: And watch what happens when we took fake kate to times square. Say prince william. Prince william. Reporter: For "good morning america" -- everybody thinks it's kate. Sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. All right. It's now time to meet kate middleton's look alike, heidi. Come on out, heidi. So nice to meet you. I'm not sure if I should curtesy or not. Not for me. I don't like it when people do it for me. How much has your life changed? You've gone from a $10 an hour waitress to what do you charge for each appearance now? It's about $1,000 an appearance. 1,000. And what do people ask you to do? It depends. It can be advertising campaigns. Or corporate events. Or just walk around and be filmed. How did you find this out? I mean, were you just standing and people rushed you to say, oh, my gosh, kate, can we get a picture of you? It was when I worked in the restaurant. Customers would come in. And so, they'd tell me I look like kate. And they'd bring their friends in and point me out. This was back when kate was still dating prince harry? Prince william, I mean. It was around the time of the engagement and the wedding, when it was really high-profile then. And you're wearing one of kate's look-alike blue dresses when you're out in jeans, do people still recognize you? They do. It's fun to watch people's faces and what they do. Lovely to have you in times It's been wonderful. Thanks so much. And coming up, how this woman dropped 100 pounds. Her message for anyone losing weight.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sharyn Alfonsi interviews a pretend princess living a true fairy tale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17404231","title":"Kate Middleton Look-a-Like Hits NYC Landmarks","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-visits-top-york-city-landmarks-meets-17404231"}