Fake Nurse Robbery Caught on Tape

A woman wearing nurse's outfit allegedly steals from patients.
3:00 | 10/14/12

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Transcript for Fake Nurse Robbery Caught on Tape
We begin with the hunt for a fake nurse this half hour. Police say he was caught on camera wearing a nurse's outfit spending money she stole from patients at an assisted living pa silty in florida. John muller has the story. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. It's amazing what the right outfit can do. The suspect probably spent 100 bucks on a white lab coat and scrubs. The crimes happened last month. The pictures just released. She certainly looks the part of tape. Dressed in scrubs and wearing a white lab coat, this would-be nurse is on a spending spree. Sloo she's not a nurse. And the credit card she tries to use is stolen. She used the same lab coat and scrubs to walk into two facilities in the orlando area. Stealing from unsuspecting seniors. She wears medical-looking scrubs t-shirt and the pants. She could walk around and steal anything she wanted to. Rr: That's exactly what she did to a 92-year-old man, making off with his credit card and attempting to charge 4,000 bucks. It's wrong. Those people are so innocent. Reporter: Fake nurses stealing from innocents in hospital is not new. The target has often been newborns. In august, a 48-year-old woman tried to carry a newborn out of the hospital in california with a duffel bag. The infant's monitoring bracelet shut the hospital down. ? August, a 19-year-old in pittsburgh pretended to be a nurse and snuck out with a 3-day-old infant. It's scary. It's somebody who is purposely taking advantage of a vulnerable population. Reporter: There is definitely a lesson here for all of us. Watcur valuables. Don't take anything for granted just because someone is wearing a uniform. If you recognize the suspect, police in winterhaven, florida, would love to hear from you. Good point. Go to any store and buy almost any uniform you want. Reporter: People just give way to authority. Time for a check of the

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{"id":17474685,"title":"Fake Nurse Robbery Caught on Tape","duration":"3:00","description":"A woman wearing nurse's outfit allegedly steals from patients.","url":"/GMA/video/fake-nurse-robbery-caught-tape-17474685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}