Guess the Steal: Latest Fall Fashion

Kate Dimmock has the latest information on the season's hottest gear.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for Guess the Steal: Latest Fall Fashion
We're going to look at jeans. And kate dimmock of "people style watch" is here to bring us all of the looks we want to be looking for. Denim is in again. It's a staple. But it goes beyond the basic blue. We're seeing great patterns and colors. And something that started in the spring that's carrying over. And another important good news thing is any style goes. From skinny, to boot cut, to boyfriend, it's all good. There's jeans out there for anybody's budget. We're going to start with skinny jeans. You have two models wearing them. I struggle with how to wear skinny jeans. Do I wear them with a ballet flat or a boot? If you go with a little heel on the bottom, and a knit like the one kathleen's wearing, you can't go wrong. It feels like it's not as flattering. But these models look gorgeous in them. It's superimportant is the real go-to style for fall. It looks great with the knits we're seeing and the roomier jackets. We have great options here. Do we think the stiletto boots is wearing the steal? The model in the flat boots. That's a steal? Let's go, ladies. Tell us which one is wearing the steal. Let's see it. That's right. Whitney's in our steal. American eagle, $39.95 such a great jean. It's a good price. But kathleen's jeans from 1961 are famous for a great fit. If you're uncomfortable, this might be for you. And a little bit of liycra in them. Exactly. And we go to patterned jeans. Aren't those adorable. The tops are getting more muted for the fall/winter lock. But this trend is going strong. Do we think our lady in head heels is wearing the steal, audience? Our our lady -- you think it's lauren or becca? Lauren. There we go. This is from aeropostale for $27.25. Amazing jeans. The counterpoint is current elliot. That's are $198. And really interesting pattern. They're both really cute. Do you have to wear a solid with them on top? You can give another color. If you're just trying it out, i say go with the aeropostale. We have a classic, a standard, the boot cut jeans. Exactly. This is what "people style watch" call a universally flattering jean. It balances out the hip, looks good with a boyish figure. Audience, what do you think? Everybody, do you think the vest? Everybody is voting for the vest. Okay. Which one of you is wearing the steal? Reveal. These jeans are available from target for $27.99. That's great. But the m.I.A. Jeans on laura, they're $189 but they are gorgeous. All of the models, except for our skinny jeans, are all wearing heels. It's officially pumps. I have to say. It's going to make your legs look longer. That's what we're all looking for when we put on a pair of jeans. Good for walking. You know, you can walk on a runway and walk back. No problem. Ladies, thank you so much. You look gorgeous in your denim this morning. Really appreciate it. You can get more information on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":17384072,"title":"Guess the Steal: Latest Fall Fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"Kate Dimmock has the latest information on the season's hottest gear.","url":"/GMA/video/fall-fashion-deals-kate-dimmock-hottest-steals-17384072","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}