New Hidden Camera Show Asks, 'Would You Fall For That?'

Nick Watt puts unsuspecting pedestrians to the test with a simple switch.
2:52 | 07/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Hidden Camera Show Asks, 'Would You Fall For That?'
I'm here. But the promise you. All of that prepares tonight on ABC you and a couple of cohorts. Take to the streets and got some very scientific psychological experiments. And -- open up a look at how people react in situations we all think we won't be might react one way. And then. Hilarity and it is it's all about the signs and up to say that it's a bit more than that and we actually begin tonight show here in Central Park with a question let's that I gave your camera. -- to take my vote -- snaps wicks that without Brentwood united and of course I would notice the unit block. Okay he didn't know out of Iraq -- I'm sure you would -- particular. You don't like to think we have perfect recall this either thank -- both. But what does this help caps agrees to take a vote. -- -- -- Relating seems to be aware of -- -- -- stressed that went. I'm trying to get as tensions building the -- left -- is my eyes like great -- -- had a long conversation they've connected I mean killing. Even read the question would you too -- -- that on the sign as it passes but. She's totally blind to the changed from scholars. To me. I'm this time he failed to catch the -- even though they are looking. -- -- vertical like that yeah. Design comes through we make this week surely she knows it's sure. Big thanks very much -- Don't even if Lincoln. And I put into the basilica pushing up against good. I'm did you notice anything -- Just happened. Like I'm -- -- guy who gave him. Right there -- -- big fan of. And tonight -- and I also pretend being astrologers advocate you're. -- -- Plus if by -- receiving cancer yes yes I had asked. Easy I know nothing about astrology if you've ever read Doris -- -- never believed -- horoscope. You go to Washington you gotta watch it is to have a great new show would you fall for that -- to 998. Central right here on ABC -- what.

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{"id":19781440,"title":"New Hidden Camera Show Asks, 'Would You Fall For That?'","duration":"2:52","description":"Nick Watt puts unsuspecting pedestrians to the test with a simple switch.","url":"/GMA/video/fall-hidden-camera-show-sees-paying-attention-19781440","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}