Fallout Over Urinating Video

Defense sec'y Leon Panetta contacts allies in Muslim world to contain damage.
1:58 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Fallout Over Urinating Video
Dangerous fallout from that marine video that's gone viral all over the world it shows for elite fighters desecrating the bodies of dead Taliban and Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and top military officials denounce -- video and reached out to allies in the Muslim world to contain the damage. And ABC's -- -- correspondent Martha Raddatz is here -- some news breaking right now Martha. That's right George all four of the Marines in the video have now been identified and to have already been interviewed. By naval criminal investigators criminal charges could be announced against the Marines as early as today. Two of the Marines are -- Camp Lejeune North Carolina the other two Marines who are now with another unit are expected to be interviewed very soon. Before seen on the tape were part of the third battalion. Second Marines and were in Afghanistan last year returning in September although one of them may be back in Afghanistan again. Investigators are not only probing war crimes charges in bringing dishonor to the military. Which could mean jail time but they also want to know the circumstances. Of the death. Who they are and why they were killed. The four Marines were part of a scout sniper team they're highly trained elite forces who -- with precision long range weapons. And Martin there's some concern that this video would then these very delicate negotiations just beginning. Possibly with the Taliban. -- that's right George W outrage over this was immediate the statements from administration officials have been non stop calling the incident deplorable disgusting. And demanding the investigation lessons clearly have been learned since the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib. But the big worry this morning is how this will affect those peace talks with the Taliban those formerly secret talks that have been on -- -- for the last year. The Taliban said it would still participate but overnight. It became clear that they may news this to weaken the US position. Can -- watch -- arthritis things are much.

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{"id":15352866,"title":"Fallout Over Urinating Video","duration":"1:58","description":"Defense sec'y Leon Panetta contacts allies in Muslim world to contain damage.","url":"/GMA/video/fallout-marines-urinating-taliban-video-15352866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}