Families of Missing Passengers Reaching a Boiling Point

More eyewitnesses from the Maldives have come forward in the search for Malaysia flight 370.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for Families of Missing Passengers Reaching a Boiling Point
Takes a long time to get there. A the lot fuel and can't stay the as Lon as they'd like. Still a deep mystery. Rig now. Protests erupting at a press conference this morning. So much emotion and bob joins us with the latest from T oo B Reporter: Good morning, robin we've been having these news conferences every single day. The government's out to tele know about flight 370. Family memberthough, have T getting enough I it was a sudden unexpected protest. Chinese family members unfolded a banner accusing the Malaysian government of hiding the truth and delaying the search. The police then quickly whisked them out and then it turned to chaos. It has been almost two weeks since the Boeing 777 went missing and with so few answers theories have swirled. Residents on a remote island in the mall December said they saw a low-flying jet at 6:15 A.M. Local time but this morning, the minister of transport said, that's not true. Regarding reports that it was sighted in the M achaldese, I can confirm they have confirmed these reports are not true. Reporter: Our ABC's own Gloria Riviera retraced flight 370 taking the red-eye to beijing just like 239 passengers and crew did that fateful night. Soon after takeoff, just before 3:17, communications started to fail, the crew would have been starting food service. The passengers like us getting settled. In less than an hour something on 370 was seriously wrong. We're over 40 minutes into the flight. I just got on flight 370. Someone had twitched off transponder communication to air traffic control so the plane was no longer in direct contact with anyone on the ground and also the point at which the plane turned to the left. Would passengers notice? They're also getting ready for bed. On this flight nothing unusual except on landing when the pilot said -- Have a blessed morning and please pray for mh370. Reporter: We're just starting to get more information on where the family went. Up the escalator. Where they'll go from here is still unclear but we're finding out more as we go along. Robin and George. A lot of pain. Let's get -- dig into this with David Kerley and Steve ganyard. Steve, let me begin with you. This flight simulator information could be significant and learned from Malaysian authorities that the files were deleted on February 3rd. If they are found, what could they tell us? George, it's like most -- it's a big piece of evidence. We don't know. If there is a reason for him to have erased it there's certainly forensics that can be done. Most intelligence agencies can go back and look at what was erased on that hard drive. We should find out in due course. And, David, as you pointed out, some confusion on the part of the Malaysian authorities now and whether or not this plane was preprogrammed to turn, was preprogrammed. Go through our best reporting on that right now. We know that U.S. Officials were briefed that it was programmed ahead of time to make that turn. But there are a lot of experts that are pushing back including pilots of the 777 saying just because you program it doesn't mean it transmits the data. We don't know how the U.S. Investigators actually know this. They continue to say that they believe the turn was programmed. Of course, this is so significant because if it were preprogrammed, that really points you in the direction of deliberate acts. And if you did that and have the radio call where you said, ht,night, it does down -- turned off. Back to Steve. Two big competing theorist on deliberate act hijacking by the pilots O UND duress or some that'eobi questions those two theories. I think the catastrophic failure, lots of ideas. Mishaps we've seen in the past that we can point to. Some are talking about a fire on board. To me I just don't see how the airplane continued to fly for 7 1/2 hours if there was a fire on board. Once fires get started they continue and they don't let up. Look at the swissair flight, the Val value Val Val valuejet and asian. August these premeditated actions and we favor the terry human beings were involved in the disappearance. The other big question raised by the size of the search area right now, the clock ticking down on those batteries. Will this plane ever be found? Actually experts say they do think it's going to be found. Will it be found in the time the batteries run out? We don't know. Air France was found long after the black boxes stopped pinging. I believe we'll find this aircraft and do have that concentrated area off Australia they're looking. Steve, do you agree with that? I'm a little more pessimistic than David is. I think the search Syria is just -- it's almost a practical impossibility. I sure hope so but things are looking really bleak at this point. Steve and David, thanks so much.

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{"id":22965302,"title":"Families of Missing Passengers Reaching a Boiling Point","duration":"3:00","description":"More eyewitnesses from the Maldives have come forward in the search for Malaysia flight 370.","url":"/GMA/video/families-missing-passengers-reaching-boiling-point-22965302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}