Family of American killed in Spain terror attack speaks out

Jared Tucker was visiting the country to celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary.
2:02 | 08/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family of American killed in Spain terror attack speaks out
learning more about the American who was killed in the attack in Barcelona. Jared tucker was celebrating his one-year anniversary with his new bride. The family is heartbroken and planning a funeral this morning. They're sharing their grief and ABC's Victor Oquendo joins us with that part of the story. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. This couple had just finished having sangria looking at souvenirs, a typical day in the heart of Barcelona but in an instant their dream trip turned into a nightmare. Jared tucker and his wife Heidi left for Spain to celebrate their one-year anniversary but a trip that was supposed to mark a year of marriage turning into tragedy. The couple separated while shopping in la rambla as this van tore through the busy street. No more than a minute after he left to go to the bathroom mayhem broke out. You know, screaming, people running. Reporter: Heidi frantically looking for Jared pushing survivors further and farther back back. I got pushed into the kiosk and crawled over their merchandise and ended up having a nice little cubby spot where I was safe. Reporter: She did not" her husband to be hurt until a friend sent her a photo from Twitter. I ended up seeing the picture and it was definitely him. It appeared that somebody was tending to him so that made me a little bit hopeful that he was alive. Reporter: For this family, the wounds still fresh. It's been bitter but I don't know -- I don't know what phi feelings are. I'm not angry as so much I just don't understand it. Reporter: Back at home the close knit community honoring Jared's life. We can't change the outcome of the attack but we did want to bring our school community together tonight in prayer and as a way to offer our love and support and just pray for her. Reporter: And friends and family are doing just that and ask others to join them in accepting prayers to all those affected by the attacks in Barcelona. Dan and Paula, it was his first time overseas. Disaster for that family, Victor, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Jared Tucker was visiting the country to celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49308642","title":"Family of American killed in Spain terror attack speaks out","url":"/GMA/video/family-american-killed-spain-terror-attack-speaks-49308642"}