Alleged Family Bank Robbers Caught by Police

Two brothers and their dad accused of pulling off a series of daring bank heists.
1:50 | 09/07/13

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Transcript for Alleged Family Bank Robbers Caught by Police
They are the alleged members of a bank robbing ring that police say pulled off a series of daring heists. What sets these suspects apart is they're all from the same family. Two brothers and dad driving the getaway car. Abc's susan saulny has the story of how they were brought down. Reporter: They're bold. They're brazen. And now, we know these alleged bank robbers are brothers. This morning, braden and nicholas budson are in a colorado jail. The conspiracy to commit robbery. Classified felony. Reporter: And the family ties don't end there. Police say their father, 51-year-old brock busten drove the getaway car. The alleged crime spree started in may. Caper after caper to the police. Eight robberies in all. And one bank was hit four separate times. At the time, colorado springs police thought they were chasing one serial bank robber. The descriptions were mostly the same. Reporter: One thing didn't add up, though. The suspect's height kept changing. That's when detectives realized they were probably dealing with more than one robber. Then, a crucial crack in the case. One of our robbery detectives who was very alert, looking for the suspect vehicle, found it sunday at a motel. Reporter: A stakeout followed. And thursday, police made the bust. That's when they realized it was a family afair. On brock buston's facebook page, they say he is a screen writer. As for the two boys, they're doing some family bonding. As in a $250,000 bond, set for each of them, as they await their fate. Family bonding behind bars. Time, now, for a check of

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{"id":20187602,"title":"Alleged Family Bank Robbers Caught by Police","duration":"1:50","description":"Two brothers and their dad accused of pulling off a series of daring bank heists.","url":"/GMA/video/family-bank-robbers-caught-police-20187602","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}