Family Birthdays Turned to Gold for Mega Millions Winner

Ira Curry bought the winning ticket at the last minute and will split the $636 million jackpot.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Family Birthdays Turned to Gold for Mega Millions Winner
We turn, now, to the holiday megamania. One of the two lucky jackpot winners has come forward to claim her share of the $636 million prize. That's one of the largest in history. And abc's linsey davis is here with her story. Reporter: Good morning, lara. She had 180 days to do it. But she did it within about 12 hours. Ira curry came forward to claim her half of the second-largest jackpot in history. The 56-year-old wife and mother said she bought one ticket at the last minute. And this was not a quick pick win. She says she chose numbers based on family members' birthdays. Overnight, ira curry, seen here in her facebook profile picture, has amassed a net worth equivalent to three-times super bowl winning quarterback tom brady. They were very, very excited about the win. Reporter: After winning half of the 648 mega millions jackpot, the 56-year-old insurance v.P. From stone mountain, georgia, is now $120 million richer. And while she isn't speaking publicly, she did describe to lottery officials the moment she realized she had won. She had the radio on. And the announcer was talking about the megaball, which is 7. The 7 is the family's lucky number. Reporter: So, she called her daughter who checked her numbers online. Between joyful tears and laughter, she relayed to her mother that her mother had won. Reporter: The identity of tuesday night's second big winner remains a mystery. All we know is that they bought their ticket in san jose, california, and will take home an even heftier $130 million because california doesn't tax lottery winnings, which is also good news for this man. I'm so excited. You guys, I win $1 million, too. Reporter: He is now $1 million richer for selling the ticket at his store. But the owners at the gateway newsstand in georgia, where curry purchased her winning ticket won't get anything. State law in georgia doesn't give the vendors a bonus for a big win. 20 people in 15 states, however, are $1 million richer this morning, after matching all of the balls except the megaball. For the rest of the mega millions hopefuls, it's back to the drawing board for friday's drawing. The jackpot resets to a paltry $15 million. Thanks, linsey. We're going to turn to the

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{"id":21274178,"title":"Family Birthdays Turned to Gold for Mega Millions Winner ","duration":"3:00","description":"Ira Curry bought the winning ticket at the last minute and will split the $636 million jackpot.","url":"/GMA/video/family-birthdays-turned-gold-mega-millions-winner-21274178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}