Family Files Suit Over Florida A&M Death

Authorities believe hazing may have lead to the death of a band member.
1:44 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Files Suit Over Florida A&M Death
Well Good Morning America exclusive we're hearing for the first time from the family of Florida -- -- band student who died in a suspected hazing incident. ABC's John -- Denise talked to the young man's parents who are now taking the school court. For the champions -- -- is little to celebrate this holiday season. This please enough hard now. Where is a ball -- And -- -- it. -- the -- -- no apparent where to go to what we went through. In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America the couple and their attorney say they now plan to sue Florida a and M university. And perhaps it's now fired -- band director. It appears that the school has done a cost benefit analysis of hazing in -- ban. And they concluded that the benefit of hazing outweigh the costs and that cost Robert -- his life. Robert champion junior -- drum major at Florida a and -- -- marks and 100 collapsed and died on November 19. After allegedly brutal hazing ritual following a football game. You know -- -- to me -- being. About -- Champion's death was a stunning end for a boy who'd always dreamed of joining the marching band his Brothers site -- evening and with that -- agent Platt. Police and former band members say champion was likely forced to walk through a gauntlet of fists. He reportedly filed but it -- said he couldn't breathe just moments before his death. On the -- champion died he texted his parents this photo writing. This picture says so much it's like I'm looking at myself. For Good Morning America against Udinese ABC news Atlanta.

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{"id":15039343,"title":"Family Files Suit Over Florida A&M Death","duration":"1:44","description":"Authorities believe hazing may have lead to the death of a band member.","url":"/GMA/video/family-files-suit-florida-death-15039343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}