Family Reunited to Find Father Trapped in Ravine

A family reunited to find its father who went missing after a car crash.
4:16 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Family Reunited to Find Father Trapped in Ravine
This Thanksgiving we -- one California family meanwhile giving the other for the first time in years and they actually have their father to thank. He is a man who came terribly close to being lost -- for ever ABC's Abbie Boudreau. Brings us this remarkable story. David -- was driving this desolate stretch of narrow mountain road. All of a sudden some bright lights were coming. -- sure I'm flying. There's no more road. He plunged hundreds of feet -- the -- -- -- mountain trapped and injured at the bottom of the steep canyon he remained hopeful as he waited. Certain that a helicopter would soon rescue him -- came. In fact no one even knew he was missing as he crawled from its crushed vehicle he made a gruesome discovery. There was another wrecked car only inches from him my heart stopped. It was a man and there but the men in the car was dead and it looked like he'd been there awhile -- I realized I. Dialogue alone and afraid he began thinking about his life and his family and how he wished things had been different my children. -- hall together. They weren't where I wanted them to be of the -- but it's important. -- And I what does that do Swedish but would that wish come true. Five days passed before his children realize their father was missing. My moment my heart dropped to twenty putting all differences aside that they set off to find their death. They hacked into his voicemail and FaceBook page for clues police traced to cell phone. And finally a break in the case and in last week that clarification that he had -- towers. I had an -- just like -- we're just now that meanwhile 68 year old David Lebow was beginning to give up. He survived eating leaves black dance and bumble bees and drinking dirty creek water. He left his family one final message. I scratched. On the car. You know that the accident. Get the bad guy wasn't my fault. And I love the chance as he laid down and clues is out in -- -- prayer and a kid and I still can't go anymore. Tuesday -- his son remembers the moment he called out to his dad and I want. -- Anybody man. Police in the distance site yelled back up to you you know -- hill. I'm down here -- by the water. And I just kept going -- kept looking down and -- -- here I looked. And I saw my dad's car president dad -- coming and he and two others still down the steep mountainside and rushed to their father. And he's also there. And his movement you know we just pulled crying crying crying. And after seven long days and finally that helicopter -- And what can I give you -- put anything within -- president I'd sure like a chocolate malt. He suffered broken vertebrae and ribs and fractured his arm in three spots requiring two surgeries. Six weeks later a slow recovery. But surprisingly he says he wouldn't change a thing and it helped bring your family packed again you have solid. -- this Thanksgiving. He doesn't call it a new Oracle. Only a second chance. When giving thanks -- this year. And never said this before but I keep saying. And that -- -- my prayer and I was down there. For more Tony. And I got it. Something to be thankful for. For Good Morning America. Abbie Boudreau ABC news Los Angeles. You know if he doesn't call it a miracle I sure do. That is remarkable. Stuff here is why you're here hope they toasted them with chocolate -- giving flights to be thankful and.

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{"id":15027491,"title":"Family Reunited to Find Father Trapped in Ravine","duration":"4:16","description":"A family reunited to find its father who went missing after a car crash.","url":"/GMA/video/family-reunited-find-father-trapped-ravine-15027491","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}