Family of Young Victim to 'Embrace' Boston Marathon

Runners will honor Martin Richard in the first marathon since the bombing.
3:00 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Family of Young Victim to 'Embrace' Boston Marathon
Tomorrow marks one year since the Boston marathon bombing. Three as you know were killed and hundreds wounded. The father who was standing right next to the second bomb with his entire family is speaking out for the first time. ABC's Dan Harris is here with that story. Reporter: Robin, good morning. One year ago tomorrow the five members of the Richards family were engaged in a family tradition, cheering on the runners in the Boston marathon. This morning we're hearing from father bill richard who remained private. Special day for our family. We didn't miss many, if any, over the last ten years. Reporter: In this newly released video we hear from bill. Seen here in this picture with his 8-year-old son martin by his son near the finish line of the Boston marathon with suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. This shot of him holding a sign that reads -- "No more hurting people" became an instant global symbol of heartache. In his first interview, bill tells "The Boston globe" after the first bomb went off hundreds of yards away from his family bill told his wife we should go. But it was too late. The second explosion hit. Minutes after that, he was in an ambulance with his family repeating these words to himself "It happened. It happened." Bill had his eardrums ruptured and now despite two surgeries lives with an excruciating ringing sound. His wife was blinded in her right eye by shrapnel. Their daughter lost her lower left leg and their eldest son emerged physically unscathed but psychologically scarred. This video just now surfacing was shot back February in one of bill's very few public appearances. We are deeply grateful and humbled by your presence, thank you. Reporter: He was speaking to runners who will be raising money for the martin Richard foundation by participating in this year's marathon and teared up while Reading a letter from a family friend who describes being left in the dust in a race with young martin. Despite all the pain and all the grief they are determined to turn this year's marathon into something positive. Over the last two months we would not leave the event but embrace it to help us heal, to honor our son and his message and to pay it forward. An amazing family. Tomorrow morning on the anniversary, they will participate in a tribute ceremony for the victims and survivors at a convention center in downtown Boston and they along with hundreds of here other also March to the finish line for a moment of silence and should be an incredible moment. I know you'll be there. Yes. Boston strong. Thanks, Dan. We turn to that rescue in a

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Runners will honor Martin Richard in the first marathon since the bombing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23315078","title":"Family of Young Victim to 'Embrace' Boston Marathon","url":"/GMA/video/family-young-boston-bombing-victim-embrace-marathon-23315078"}