Family's massive Christmas lights display courts controversy

Mary Halliwell of Fairfield, Conn., and her family employ over 350,000 Christmas lights for their display that is drawing the ire of their neighbors.
2:52 | 11/30/17

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Transcript for Family's massive Christmas lights display courts controversy
Back now with a neighborhood fight over Christmas lights. Decorating for the holidays is big business, Americans spent $7 billion in 2015 and one Connecticut family has been putting together this display for nearly two decades drawing visitors from thousands and some fire from their neighbors. Gio Benitez is here with more. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Listen, the family says they put this massive display together to raise money for a children's hospital and while some neighbors love it, others complained it was turning their street into a carnival. In a small Connecticut town a big display of holiday cheer. 350,000 Christmas lights illuminate the so-called wonder land at Roseville. Walking through the wonderland. Yes. Look at this. This is unbelievable. You got trains and you got santas and, of course, lots and lots of lights. Attracting people from all over. It's amazing. Like the amount of time and energy, incredible. Reporter: For 18 years the Hollowell family has turned this into a dazzling community event and donations go to the local shriners hospital for children. How important is it for you and your tramley. It's everything. Reporter: Neighbored circulated this petition with 45 signatures asking the town and police to do something about the excessive traffic at the event which they say brings constant noise and litter to nearby yards. We were very disappointed that she didn't take the time to come to us and say, I've got a problem. Reporter: The police chief stepping in to keep the peace. Some of the neighbors had their way, they would be very happy if the Fairfield police department could in some way top this event from occurring. Reporter: Elaborate Christmas displays are nothing new. And neither are neighborhood light fights. Candycane lane has been on the map for years with the whole neighborhood decorating their homes. But this year some residents are fed up by littering and disrespectful behavior from those who come visit? A friend of mine had several things stolen from her yard. Reporter: Today Google maps says it's only open for four hours a day. But back in Fairfield, Connecticut, a neighborly solution. Police are helping manage traffic. Thank you for coming. Reporter: And the event ends earlier. How do you feel about this resolution? We're happy with it. You're happy with it. It's going to work out all right now. Little compromise. The family says this is an example of neighbors working together to find common ground. Now, the neighbor who wrote that petition, she says she never asked for it to be shut down. She just wanted a safer traffic situation. They received that. I mean the compromise that happened. After nearly two decades is there a chance it might be shut down. The family thinks they found a solution. They just want to keep it going and like the donations to the hospital. Doing it for a good cause. Neighbors helping neighbor. That's right.

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{"id":51481385,"title":"Family's massive Christmas lights display courts controversy ","duration":"2:52","description":"Mary Halliwell of Fairfield, Conn., and her family employ over 350,000 Christmas lights for their display that is drawing the ire of their neighbors.","url":"/GMA/video/familys-feud-christmas-light-display-51481385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}