CEO Bob Iger on New Disney Cruise Ship 'Fantasy'

Sam Champion goes on a tour of the latest cruise offering from Disney.
3:30 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CEO Bob Iger on New Disney Cruise Ship 'Fantasy'
The -- who set -- this morning on the beautiful Disney fantasy sales. It you know I've shown you a lot of the ship over the week but I want to take you on a tour inside because I promise you let me show you what the outside -- -- look like this morning. As it settled kind of smuggled into New York. And has been the big talk of the entire city all week long as it's been parked on the west side but now it's time ladies and gentlemen cycle -- TV set we're gonna take inside. Start spreading the news. For the first time -- a Disney cruise ship is entering New York Harbor in the Disney vanity -- making a pretty big splash. New York is the first stop in the US with the newest and fourth member of the -- Disney cruise line fleet. And this newcomer. Is making a part. Thursday night's super songstress Mariah Carey unleashed the spark -- the fifth time. It never go to another forget -- after walking on this -- it's tremendous. And over 11100 feet long it's time as the biggest ship in the Disney leak that's more than three football fields in -- Fourteen decks entertainment forever and -- time it really easy now -- at Disney and Erik -- and many opportunities. For guests to enjoy. There are two Broadway style -- six gourmet restaurant five. Want to -- the world class service and all the treatments again. You know how I love the water -- -- the -- and this. It's a water coaster for decks high in almost 300 feet long. This fantasy. There's only one person and kicking off the aqueduct and that's my boss present at -- And CEO of the Walt Disney company another way I wouldn't do that is what did it but you could you can be the first one -- life. Now we -- walking through the dream which was this ships. First sister ship yet you were telling me about the decoration and you have a lot to do with it what's your favorite part. Well -- of our loved the aqueduct procedure so much fun and it's really need that I just like the fact that there's something for everybody on the ship elusive peace that you just ran shows. You know if you're a child if your parent your grandparent. You're gonna have a great time I love that that you like the peace because he was standing right you're watching the entire time that was really important. I'm what you can this lobby it's kind of an art you both thank you spent a lot of time effort and cash on the -- it just looks at it looks gorgeous. What do you setting up what it's a thought for the -- walks of from the moment you get on the ship. You want to know that it's this ship of great quality it is an elegance about it there's a lot of time and money spent in the design the craftsmanship but. Also a lot of fun to be on the ship to and so this Disney storytelling. Can hit you in the face when you get on the ship and and I like that so -- many -- you -- on the ship and you just know right away this is Disney. This is going to be a great time. I may not leave by may just hang out with you and -- here my boss sleazy elements and it hit that kept -- did you receive. There's there's a big big kind of killed going on here if for just you've got a lot going on -- one -- two point. We're building Shanghai Disneyland and big project and world stability you know California adventure in Californians of course when in opens up the -- and very excited about that and magic kingdom down in. Florida offensive line big big -- expansion all stuff all stuff happening this year thank you -- the court to ship.

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{"id":15832473,"title":"CEO Bob Iger on New Disney Cruise Ship 'Fantasy'","duration":"3:30","description":"Sam Champion goes on a tour of the latest cruise offering from Disney.","url":"/GMA/video/fantasy-cruise-ship-joins-disney-fleet-15832473","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}