'Farmville' Makers Release New Game, 'Castleville'

Becky Worley explains the new Facebook game from "Farmville" creator Zynga.
4:06 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Farmville' Makers Release New Game, 'Castleville'
If you are on FaceBook and chances are -- tried to give you look power recruit you into their mafia family. Now the company behind farm -- and mafia wars is rolling out their splashy -- creation ever. -- -- And you go to see it here first solely on GMA -- -- -- but behind the scenes of what it takes to make an online ethnic Adaptec. -- -- the brand new head. Online game maker Zynga. And you see a company headed at lightning speed into the future. Good plays and like a -- It's clean. On the verge of what could be a huge IPO. -- billion dollars and boasting. Million players. -- the company going back in time for its next creation. We really fell in love with the medieval setting but it's not just medieval setting it's got to touch a fan of CNN a little touch of magic. Based loosely on the movie Shrek saga is about creating you guessed it castles. Crafting armor and trading with friends -- hedge mazes in defending yourself from the bad guys in this case they're called beast and. Yes you can become a hero or buildings fantastic. -- that really require -- -- Sitting do you think GM may crude -- no medieval on this game. Zynga is transforming Lara Spencer -- damsel never in distress. And our Knight in shining armor well our Josh Elliott. By creating custom avatars so they can play as themselves. Mighty -- three is going to be pumped cool points on the model. So jostle like this I hope we really pay attention to you felt the personality the smile the hair dyes the -- The large -- shooting -- Protruding chin. Don't take that personally Josh hall classrooms have -- chance. But -- isn't the only anchor getting his own -- So wait let me get this straight -- your friend doesn't win the castle. Oh yes my seven year old daughter will finally. Think I'm cool but are reminded -- of one of our characters authority in the game and that -- -- our beautiful song. -- both entertainers. They both have great smiles. I don't know if Americans saying. Jim lehr saying they have removes. Has hit ball and yeah yeah. I think they're gonna like it I think they're going to be very. So Justin -- prepare to be self into the online world capitals around here they are. Your personal life at -- Those at cars. Josh -- c'mon let's -- back up on the big screen jet accidentally let it end here -- Time away yeah -- you can't say I'm really didn't let me in the face and I think it smoldering look that you do yeah I'm going to have -- I don't know can you get a hold chin on the wrong. Happy -- I know that with the it's -- -- sweet eyes that judge -- home. I don't -- -- and expect I understand -- -- something special only Virginia may -- -- That's right you can tell -- princess -- -- protruding chin and went yeah castle itself -- get a unique item it's -- being good morning glory -- kid growing you can't buy -- you can only get it by going to FaceBook and go over to the GMA page -- delight gas -- and there's a tab that says castle -- click on that and you'll get -- unique -- for your kingdom and maybe -- and -- will come over and visit you when your kingdom you never know you never -- This apparently -- certainly well. Thanks so much that the.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Becky Worley explains the new Facebook game from \"Farmville\" creator Zynga.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14972574","title":"'Farmville' Makers Release New Game, 'Castleville'","url":"/GMA/video/farmville-makers-release-game-castleville-14972574"}