Latest Fashions for All Body Types

People's Kate Dimmock reveals tricks for making the most out of every figure.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Latest Fashions for All Body Types
It's 8:40 and time for secrets how to look great in the latest fashions, no matter what your body type is. Kate dimmock, editor of "people style watch" is with us, to tell us how to make the choices for every type of figure. Hey, kate. Hey, lara. What's the idea? The idea is to identify what your shape is and then find the pieces that work the best for you. Don't fight it. Go with it, is our theory at "people style watch." Embrace the woman that you are. Exactly. Because it's all good. In fashion, there is no one gorgeous type. You're absolutely right. All body types are beautiful. You just have to know how to dress them. Let's see the first one. We have an example for you curvy ladies out there. This is our before shot. As you can see, katie's got some curves. She is looking good to me. I know. But she does have a curve. And she has a great waist. That's the thing. She has a tiny waist. That's what we're looking to accent in her look. The waist is something to celebrate. Exactly. If you're curvy, that's going to be your smallest point. Look at kim kardashian. That perfect hourglass. Exactly. You notice when she dresses that way. When she followed her curve, she looks the best. Let's see the after. And katie. She's giving a little kim kardashian. The silky top is from h&m. It doesn't cling to her. And a pencil skirt is a curvy girl's best friend. This follows the curve of her waist down to another small point, at her knees. You're getting a perfect hourglass shape from her. Where is the pencil skirt from? It's from boundary and company. You're wearing it. You're in style. We all are. And it's a great trend called color-blocking, which works. Go straight from summer into fall. A big trend going forward. This is if you have a boyish figure. We have an example of laura. Exactly. Well, laura has a boyish figure, means you might not have as much of a waist. You're more straight up and down. And you might need to create curves with the choices that you make. Let's see how you've done that. Come on out. I love it. Isn't that so cute? Teflon was so big for spring and summer. This is a great way to create a smaller waist and curves. The teflon top is perfect. And we paired it with the skinny jean, which creates an hourglass shape for her. And wearing the rock 'n' roll, big, chunky necklace. That's a nice, feminine detail. We'll make sure we post all of these clothes on our website. Exactly. Our next problem -- it's not a problem. It's a gift. A bust should be something to embrace. Exactly. You're going to show you how to do that with the before shot. Here we have chloe. And she's got a great shape. But she needs to balance it out a little bit. She's a little bigger on top. We want to create more balance in her look. Okay. Come on out. Adorable outfit. She looks great. This is a great look. Here's some great little style tips. We put a flowy shirt and paired it with a tailored jacket. It looks polished. And the lighter color pants are You get a perfect silhouette for her. And check out the shoes. The shoes are very -- I'm into all of these outfits. Where are those from? Lulus.Com. Okay. Our last look is plus-sized. Let's look at the before pictures. This is bernadette. And for her, we just wanted to address what's right for all plus-size shapes. There's no particular part of her body we're trying to highlight. We're giving you tips on what to wear if you're in the plus-sized market. Come on. Let's do it, bernadette. Doesn't she look amazing? Vavavoom, bernadette. The key here is simple lines. And a lot of plus-sized girls avoid details at the waist. A lot of times, wear baggy clothes. Total mistake. You look for subtle details that will create a shape for you. A little belt. She has stitching at the waist. So cute and looks great on her. Love the chunky bracelet. Here's all of our models. Great tips, kate. You can learn where to buy all of the items at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Thank you, ladies.

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{"id":16946972,"title":"Latest Fashions for All Body Types","duration":"3:00","description":"People's Kate Dimmock reveals tricks for making the most out of every figure.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-beauty-tips-2012-latest-summer-fashions-body-16946972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}