Fashion Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Mobile Deal Hunting

ABC News' Becky Worley has the lowdown on how to score mobile shopping deals.
3:46 | 08/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fashion Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Mobile Deal Hunting
ABC's Becky Worley joins us now from San Francisco with that and good morning to you, Becky. Good morning, Michael. Yes, here's the disconnect. Research shows that 57% of the traffic in online retail sites is from mobile devices but only 15% of the sales. Why do we browse on mobile but then change guises to make purchases on a computer? And by avoiding shopping via apps are we missing out on big deals? Well, to find out I've got to buy some clothes. Shopping on your phone, first off the screen is kind of small. Most people will window shop on the phone but don't hit the buy button until they get on a computer. How come? Ah, expiration -- security code. Entering your information is laborious. Okay, this part, it's just a pain and in a study by C ochomscore they struggled to find discount codes on their phone. I do probably about 90% of my purchases on my mobile device. Reporter: But guess who loves to shop via smartphone? Millennials. Especially fashion bloggers so we turned to some of youtube's finest. Hi, my name is Sonia saktenada. Case Holmes here. Reporter: Case for mobile. They see shopping as entertainment. I discover a lot of new products because it's just literally in the palm of my hand. I probably find at least 40% more items online than I ever would if I was shopping inside the store. It's fast fashion. Reporter: Next they tackled two of the big complaints with one solution. Instead of shopping on your phone's browser -- Most big retailers have an app on the app store and they also save your credit card most of the times. Reporter: If you do end up needing to buy through the browser. I just am obsessed with using paypal. It fills in all of billing and shipping address which I know I hate filling out. Reporter: She uses apple pay, a similar service gaining traction. Set up your card information once and after that everything is shopping at a click of a button. Reporter: Finally they say shopping through a retailer's app offers more discounts and rewards than trying to find promo codes. They offer push notifications to let you know when things are on sale. Providing coupons and things like that. Reporter: So I took their advice. Used the app, hit the buy button. The moment of truth. I like it. And you know what, buying on my phone was actually a lot easier and more fun than I would have thought. Now one of the biggest reasons people say they don't buy on their phones is they worry about security. But the truth is, data being transmitted over a cell signal is more secure than when you transmit your credit card info and personal details on wi-fi and as all the credit card hacks in the news have told us, George, the weakest link is how the retailer secures your financial data, not how it's transmitted. We have certainly learned that. So it's easy and it's fun. You're satsdz tied how about savings? The interesting hinge is that all of these apps work like loyalty cards and they track what you purchase, they give you points and then after a certain threshold is hit, they will e-mail you a gift certificate to use on the app. They also alert you when there's sales and offer you codes and if you enable push notifications at your favorite stores, then you'll know when items you want go on sale. Okay. Thanks a lot. Sounds dangerous. In a good way.

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{"id":32918144,"title":"Fashion Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Mobile Deal Hunting","duration":"3:46","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley has the lowdown on how to score mobile shopping deals.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-bloggers-reveal-secrets-mobile-deal-hunting-32918144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}