Top 5 Trends for Fall

Marshalls' style expert Alison Deyette says leather, lace, and zippers are on trend this season.
1:49 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Top 5 Trends for Fall
-- Marshall style expert Alison day at here with your top five followed trends are in this season it's all in the -- -- Contrast he tells mixed media we're seeing things with leather lace and -- from head to tout. First I want to share some of my favorites. The denim jacket or how about for work where with a leather detailing your party frock. Of course everyone loves a good pair jeans and they -- new -- going out of style. But this season and you're gonna put away those bright pop of color that -- accused her spring and you're gonna go back to the original dark Bandana washes. Origin when a little but -- current -- -- is the new black and I mean these designer styles. Casey got your genes you -- dressed let me just with a jacket on when it starts getting brisk outside. So it's all about them modem Jack if this doesn't mean you need to hop on the back of a Harley but it doesn't mean you're adding a little more. -- -- -- -- child with you go classic block of where you're choosing one of fall's top color -- way of Gergen -- hunter green. -- wonderful community is really cool. She got a jacket had two accessories because the girl only snow's successor is really up to -- for -- Giles. Well -- to put down that big day -- and for evening you're gonna turn to a class but this season if the envelope clutch just want to carry little more than -- yourself out. And as I said it's all about the studying the buckles. And now let's check out she is because -- -- ladies dressed the first. Again it's all about the behind down to -- -- whether -- -- gold zipper or even folks attracts so there's your five top spot trends hope you're stepping out in stock.

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{"id":20320445,"title":"Top 5 Trends for Fall","duration":"1:49","description":"Marshalls' style expert Alison Deyette says leather, lace, and zippers are on trend this season. ","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-tips-top-trends-fall-20320445","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}