Isaac Mizrahi's Trends for 2012

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi discusses what's hot in 2012.
4:16 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Isaac Mizrahi's Trends for 2012
And -- sure to see some of them on his new show Project Runway all stars where he'll decide the fate of thirteen of Project Runway is most memorable contestants. The show kicks off this Thursday night on lifetime and we're so glad I think -- here to feel less then. -- Thank Everett back actually able to so we were talking off off screen about -- will -- which judge are you are you that. The tough judge this week judge oh well. I'm I'm I think I'd like tough love how does that sound that's unfair -- one -- I really want to do was connect with these designers and actually like. Not just for television purposes but really kind of like. We look at what they were doing and kind of just helped them with what they were doing and like kind of learn myself yeah yeah. Which makes for good -- gate yacht club is always fun to watch and these are really the best of the best we've upped the ante in terms of the challenges -- absolutely it is the best of the best. It's sort of the ones who almost came to the top of the the Project Runway. Series like they almost wants another back to kind of prove prove they can do -- and. Some amazing talent here and I got -- -- -- we have a clip. On what that shows some of the challenges 99 cent store yes well you know I mean. We have to think of things keep them on their feet and that's the first episode -- -- -- Okay you're 99 and unconventional and stop him. So now. The challenge for me -- that I am trying to make something look like he. Period from the ninety -- in -- and I'm glad that his book how to take it found. Hello I'm. I'm really looking for might -- Seat belts that are Green and orange and dish towels. Anything I see -- right I just ran towards. Let me entertain -- -- -- funny she should mention bright colors because what we're talking about new trends for 2012. He said it one of the biggest trend is pulled -- -- aren't exactly a Smart grid iron but look at Sophia regard and she's wearing collars what I -- not a color. I like -- -- to like that's what I'm talking about two I love it had to tell like that it's a flattering but. -- kind of doing yourself a little color blocking -- color blocking so little a little pop -- yeah yeah yeah -- color that you say is a must have for all of -- well I think Robin has it right this morning she's learned her. We'll what do you know happens to be I didn't is that I don't Holloway -- that just happens to be the right and our. Yeah. And Isaac Isaac -- when you don't and little over the years. Here being that we love that. It isn't addressed he'll help me well and -- low heels again that's another track Robin mom will love yeah. Sure if -- -- -- they look. They just looks at a younger I think I think that the last thing you want to do now is look old -- and one way to some of the -- that trend is to Wear flat I am I'm sporting kidney yellow -- on notice that another and they really good really low he'll -- you -- -- into flats a low heels Greg. You didn't do flats tend to make the lag I always have this financial thing where -- make my legs he'll out he -- mark you're thinking like an old person -- you have to think that the young girl who doesn't care a lot of lives. Exactly dialing exact RA the flaps come and the kitten heels you're right on trend I don't tell what thank you so far as interest -- -- coming your -- always check out. -- is my favorite moment where wastes have become like. He'd have dropped eight and a droplets to meet you because why why you like which -- elongated yeah right catalog -- you know one thing that you think it's like -- -- -- can gain a few pounds and where to place you can be -- to -- you know that -- -- to diagnose and then you know the opposite has been -- check this out. The broad -- is an -- bring up the car dash -- just because they're not skinny because they are getting no but they shuttle and -- -- -- -- -- athletes are right so for a great chance plus great TV that we -- having AM oh I love being remodeled by brother -- -- has gone and I. -- -- -- -- -- 9 PM eastern on lifetime.

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{"id":15279133,"title":"Isaac Mizrahi's Trends for 2012","duration":"4:16","description":"Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi discusses what's hot in 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-trends-year-isaac-mizrahis-picks-2012-15279133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}