Become a 'Fat Burning Machine' With New Diet Book

Political strategist Michael Berland reveals how he lost the battle of the bulge and how you can too.
3:35 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for Become a 'Fat Burning Machine' With New Diet Book
It's a scary thing. The new year is just days away and we're helping you jump-start your 2016 with the number one new year's resolution for so many -- yep, losing weight. Our political insider who's helped win elections is now revealing how he also won the battle of the bulge in his new book "Fat-burning machine." And ABC's Deborah Roberts is here with more. Reporter: You may be wondering what a political strategists knows about losing weight. He knows plenty after he put his skills to work after enlisting the help of personal trainers and learned to finally switch the flip to finally get healthy. For years, Michael steered political campaigns. But while his career was expanding so was his waistline. You were on the campaign trails, eating junk. Yeah, I was 245 pounds. I said that's enough. How do I solve the problem? Use the same research and analytical techniques. Reporter: After dropping nearly 70 pounds, he's now sharing his secrets in a new book called "Become a fat-burning machine." He was a fat storer not a fat burner. Gaining weight around the middle. Reporter: Then he discovered as he says how to flip the switch. Flip the switch means eating the right combinations of food that your body can process and use for energy. Reporter: Focusing on meals with meat and veggies. The big moment came when he learned, miracle interval and my coach taught me these, if I was jogging, jog a little faster for a little longer and then take it easy. I was getting the benefits not from accelerating but when I was slowed down. I would think the harder you work out the more weight you're going to lose. Deborah it's the opposite. You need to work out a really even pace and speed it up from time to time to teach your body to burn fat. If we want to speed up -- again, you're beating me. You boil it down to why this is different. This is different because we're combining a high-octane foods designed to mood and miracle intervals that are going to teach your body how to access that energy. Reporter: Including someone in his inner most circle. The hardest candidate I ever worked with was my mom. Getting her on the plan. Mom has lost 61 pounds in less than 9 months and I'm so proud of her. Mike says his mom likes 63% of Americans believe she was a fat-storing machine, her success added when she added a lot of fat-burning foods like egg whites and roasted veggies, leafy vegetables and then she began slow exercising, walking even swimming and began losing weight. The key is to do the nutrition part first and slowly add in that exercise. Not so much that you're starving. You looked great on that exercising machine. I was starving afterwards and he was feeling pretty good. Deborah, thank you. Fat-burning machine is available tomorrow. Get diet tips and three easy recipes on our website, on

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Political strategist Michael Berland reveals how he lost the battle of the bulge and how you can too.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35972287","title":"Become a 'Fat Burning Machine' With New Diet Book","url":"/GMA/video/fat-burning-machine-diet-book-35972287"}