Father Turns In Son for Viral Bullying Video

Michael Palomino made a tough decision when he saw video of a beating.
2:51 | 01/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Father Turns In Son for Viral Bullying Video
Decision one Chicago dad made -- turn in his own son after seeing this horrifying video on YouTube. Up his child front and center bullying and beating another can't ABC's Linda Davis has much more. On this story -- story was too good morning Robin this. Is an interesting one or essentially talking about a real life -- of what would you do. Imagine you're the parent of a teenager caught on video getting up on and beating up another child. Would you turn your own child in to police Michael -- -- did and his son is now facing the consequences. As painful as the video is to watch the father of this teen Raymond Kalla -- -- to -- allegedly stumping. Punching and slamming another boy to the ground. Along with six other teens says it was -- -- gut wrenching for him because of the decision he was forced to make after he saw it. They have approved the -- when moon that's right he called the police on his own seventeen year old son who was -- arrested -- was very. -- heard all of the attackers in the January 15 beating covered their faces with hoods or masks except -- -- When the video was posted on YouTube close to half a million people watched fear among them relatives. Who then called his dead. A sheriff's deputy of thirty years. And the -- forcing myself. So the right thing was is that turning to me. And while he still doesn't regret his decision. Now he's worried the consequences. Of his son's actions are too harsh. Of the other teens involved -- fifteen year old girl 216. Year old boys and 315. Year old boys. Raymond is only one in jail. He's also not only one being charged as an adult. If you haven't communal bedroom. -- and I think I don't understand. He's being held on a 100000. Dollar bond and his dead a single father. Can't afford to bail amount. They're making him -- HTC aggressive. Throughout the whole city he's not a seventeen -- return to make -- -- out of home. Even though the victim managed to walk away with a bloody nose and lots of cuts and bruises police say there is zero tolerance for this. This is very clearly mob type behavior. They you don't get a lot of courage when it's six was seven -- -- one person. And you know this just isn't tolerable even though his son is now facing possible jail time how amino maintains. I don't even occurred in the -- is that what he did was wrong. And now he's here -- some for the consequences. Seven people were arrested in all but the other six were charged as juvenile delinquent son have since been released. -- -- -- says when he went to visit his son in jail -- told him. He did the right thing in turning to -- comments -- right -- Lindsay.

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{"id":15427519,"title":"Father Turns In Son for Viral Bullying Video","duration":"2:51","description":"Michael Palomino made a tough decision when he saw video of a beating.","url":"/GMA/video/father-michael-palomino-turns-son-viral-bullying-video-15427519","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}