FBI investigating WikiLeaks document dump

The hunt for the mole by the FBI is focused on a nondescript building outside Washington, the headquarters of the top secret Center for Cyber Intelligence.
2:08 | 03/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI investigating WikiLeaks document dump
George, now to thf instigationohat massive leak of CIA documfnt the search zeroing in on this building right here forhoever release sensitive material T wikileaks. Our chjefnvestigative correspondent Brian rosss here with the latest. Gowd morning,he F is now launched a full-scale criminal investigation of who stole the CIA secrets and after a D of sithe white Hou finally publlyondemned T leak to kiaks. The 'me orgization Donald trumhad praised as a candidate when it posted stolen e-mails from the Democrats. The hunt for the mole by the FBI is fused on employees and contractors who worked in this N nondescript buildingout side Washington, D.C. The headquarters of the government's top secret center fo cyntligence, the CCI. Itas created a great deal of harm and I cannothink of it in any other terms than criminalactivi. Eporr: Of wikeaks remain holedp inside the ecubdorn embassy in London. Julian assange wanted on sexual auult chkes in Swed. An ABC news producer was turned away at the embassy door. Could I deliver a letter to Julian assang Rorte [henileaks poed the e-mails from the democratic party, hacked by Russian intelligence,andidate Donald Trump was full of praise. Wikileaks, I love wikileaks. Reporte now the white house presretary sayhile the a leak W seous, not so muchhe Russian hack of the Democrats. There is a massive, Massi )[ jferen between Tse two thin. Repter: But both are illegal and both under instigation now by the FBI. The new CIA revelations continue to shake the ectronic appliance wod. Phone manufacturersncluding pl and Google say they are scrambling to make sure the CIA can no longer hack into their devices or systems. And uamsung said iisrgently long into the claim the CIA can tn its televisions into stening devices even when they appear to be off. It's illegal for the CIA to use any of those techniques in the u.s.gainst.s. Citizens but the FBI C with aourt appred warrant as the director of the F jimomey said yesterday, there's no such thing as absolute privacy in ameca in thank you. Presevtrump als fin

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"The hunt for the mole by the FBI is focused on a nondescript building outside Washington, the headquarters of the top secret Center for Cyber Intelligence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46013130","title":"FBI investigating WikiLeaks document dump","url":"/GMA/video/fbi-investigating-wikileaks-document-dump-46013130"}