FDA Says 23andme Must Stop Selling At-Home DNA Tests

Government cracks down on the Google-backed genetic testing company.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FDA Says 23andme Must Stop Selling At-Home DNA Tests
We're going to turn, now, tothe government crackdown on genetic testing company, 23 and me. The fda says they have to stop selling the at-home kits. Bianna golodryga was tested and brings us the story. You're 3% -- east asian. Reporter: Oprah's done it. John legend, too. This is crazy. Reporter: Even kevin bacon used it. Not to play six degrees of kevin bacon. But to prove it through genetic testing. A way to determiner t heritage and unearth genetic myths. 23 and me brought the procedure to the masses, with its $99 home saliva test. One of its slogans, strike back before cancer has a chance to strike. But now, the fda says the company has not provided any medical scientific evidence behind their claims. So, the agency is demanding 23 and me discontinue marketing those kits immediately. Citiing possible hels consequences from testing. 23 and me is run by ann majiksky. Who is in a separation from sergei brynn. I sat down with anne. And she told me the at-home test would prove for as many as 250 different conditions. From lactose intolerance, to parkinson's. A spokesperson tells abc, our relationship with the fda is extremely important to us. And we are committed to fully engaging with them to address their concerns. For "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. We're going to bring in abc news chief medical and health editor, dr. Richard besser. I know you have concerns about these kits. I do. It's one thing to use a kit to find out about your ancestors or your risk of going bald. If you look at cancers, you want to make sure it's accurate. By law, it has to be accurate by the fda. Fda says none of the home test kits have gone through that. And none have been approved. Right now, the best way to know your risk, for something you get a test. And you look at the family history. It's thanksgiving. Family is going to be around the table. Have the conversation. Yeah. I know you want to talk about something else. The -- what's called the plan-b contraceptive pill. This is really important. The europe manufacturer of that pill says they want to change the label that says the pill does not work in any woman greater than 176 pounds. They found that weight was a big issue. This brand of pill is not the same here. But it's the same pill in the plan-b over the counter. There's a prescription product called ella that works a little better if you're a heavier woman. Or the most effective is a copper iud. But that isn't covered by all insurance. Make sure you understand, the morning-after pill is not 100% effective. Especially if you're a larger woman. Okay.

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{"id":21014720,"title":"FDA Says 23andme Must Stop Selling At-Home DNA Tests","duration":"3:00","description":"Government cracks down on the Google-backed genetic testing company.","url":"/GMA/video/fda-recalls-23andme-stop-selling-home-dna-tests-21014720","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}