Federal Cellphone Testing Reportedly Flawed

Users might be exposed to higher levels of radiation than previously thought.
2:34 | 10/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Federal Cellphone Testing Reportedly Flawed
Return now to that new report just issued this morning concerning cell phones and your help. It finds a government testing of cell -- as severely flawed so users. Especially children -- ABC's John Berman has the latest. On this lot of deep thinkers here that's the only good morning -- near the question is how seek -- yourself but when it comes to radiation the government says safe enough. But now -- report from one group says the government is relying on the wrong test. A test that's not right for a stunning 97%. Of the population. We might wish we were -- strapping six foot 2220. Pounds but most of us 97%. Are not steal the new report says that's the model the government uses to test cell phone radiation. The tests or on plastic -- hits like this the size corresponds to that of -- six foot two -- weighing 220 pounds. The report from the environmental health trust a group of doctors and researchers promoting awareness of environmental health risks. Says that's a bad fit for the other 97%. Of us. Including women. The standard for cell phones have been developed based on old science and old models an old assumptions about how we use cellphones. The group -- a Childs hit actually absorbs radiation at a much higher rate. Look at these images provided by the help -- this image shows how deep the radiation goes in -- adult male. But -- ten year old 150%. Deeper a five year old even more. A different study mentioned the report says a child's bone marrow absorbs ten times the radiation as an adult in the exposure to the eyes is greater to. What's more the -- contest doesn't studying the effects cell phone radiation has uncertain. Other parts of the anatomy like for men who keep bones in their pants pocket. The report recommends much more comprehensive testing. MRI scans on real human beings -- -- ritual family representing all ages uses. Anatomically based models that reflect the fact that children's brains are more vulnerable than adults. Independent scientist we spoke to say there are no conclusive studies -- -- for radiation. Causes cancer. The government had no specific comment on this report but the website for the FCC also says. No scientific evidence currently establishes a definite link between cell phones and cancer or other illnesses. But they do say they know there are skeptics so they point out there are ways to reduce radiation exposure.

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{"id":14751995,"title":"Federal Cellphone Testing Reportedly Flawed","duration":"2:34","description":"Users might be exposed to higher levels of radiation than previously thought.","url":"/GMA/video/federal-cellphone-radiation-testing-reportedly-flawed-14751995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}