FedEx Worker Caught Throwing Packages on Video

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a Manhattan employee throwing boxes onto a truck.
2:01 | 07/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FedEx Worker Caught Throwing Packages on Video
Now, to that shocking footage caught on tape. The fedex worker tossing packages into the back of her truck like frisbees. The company is responding this morning. And abc's john muller has the story. We're going downtown. Reporter: In "ace ventura pet detective," jim carrey plays a delivery man who has an unorthodox way of handling packages. Now, a fedex worker is taking box throwing to a new level in this youtube video this week. Watch how she takes a neatly stacked pile of boxes towards the back of the truck, scattering them everywhere. Perhaps her co-worker is less athletically inclined. But at first, he seems reduluctant to join in. Finally, he goes for it. And is rewarded with a cackle. They are not the first team to catch heat for their delivery techniques. This u.P.S. Driver is filmed giving the finger to a home surveillance cam before slamming this package on the ground. And this fedex driver was found heaving a computer monitor over a fence. How packages are handled at airports have raised eyebrows. At newark airport, they tried the pushover technique. The baggage handler will roll the bag down the plane. Reporter: At a chinese airport last month, after of the packages careened off of the conveyor, before the baggage handler took what must have been a very important call. A statement to abc news, fedex told us, we were disappointed to see the recent online video. The situation is unacceptable. And the driver is no longer working for fedex. It's hard to believe. But the video doesn't lie. Got fired. Fired. All right. There's always video. There always seems to be video. It's everywhere. Have a good weekend.

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{"id":19780195,"title":"FedEx Worker Caught Throwing Packages on Video","duration":"2:01","description":"A video uploaded to YouTube shows a Manhattan employee throwing boxes onto a truck.","url":"/GMA/video/fedex-worker-caught-throwing-packages-video-19780195","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}