Female 'O Shot' Promises to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom

Doctor claims this injection has shown great success increasing women's libidos.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Female 'O Shot' Promises to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom
doctor who says he's found the answer for making women's lives better in the bedroom. It's an injection that's shown real success in sending libidos soaring. ABC's Cecilia Vega here with what could be the female viagra. Cecilia. Reporter: It could be. Men have that little blue pill and dozens of drugs to spice things up in the bedmany roo, but this could be the very first one for women. ♪ Yes, yes. Reporter: In "When harry met sally" this was the big "O" heard around the world but for many women, this isn't happening at home. I'll have what she's having. Reporter: It's estimated that more than 50 million American women have trouble between the sheets. Discuss ask 53-year-old Michelle who asked us not to use her real name. I just thought that I was part of life at this point because of my age. Reporter: Now there's the "O" shot, yeah, you know what it stands for. This injection being tested could be the answer that helps improve female sexual desire and function. The most common thing I hear is wow. What an orgasm. Reporter: While men have 24 fda approved medications for sexual dysfunction, there are none for the ladies. In an early study Dr. Samuel woods says he has injected 80 women with the "O" shot and claims it worked in almost 85% of them. It affects all aspects of the female sexual function. It affects arousal, it affects orgasm and it affects libido. Reporter: How does it work? A woman's own platelets are injected directly into the vagina. Dr. Woods says it stimulates the growth of new cells making the injected areas more sensitive. Michelle says with topical anesthetic, the injection didn't even sting. After I got the shot and I had sex for the first time, I was amazed at how my body felt and how wonderful I felt mentally. Reporter: It might not wow everyone. Dr. Woods warns the "O" shot isn't for certain women on certain medications or with relationship issues. I do commend the doctor for attempting and thinking about new and effective treatments for female sexual dysfunction. That said, injecting growth factors into the genital area in the woman has risks associated with it and the Ben if is have not been teased out. Reporter: Berman and other experts say there could be complications like scarring or infection and that other types of studies are needed to prove the treatment really works and is not merely a placebo effect. Dr. Woods says the procedure is very safe and adds that he has more in-depth studies planned and he says with the "O" shot -- Oh. Reporter: -- There may be a lot more of this to go around. In the end that combination has a tremendously positive effect both on their self-esteem, on how they view life, as well as their relationship. Reporter: Had to use that "When harry met sally." You knew that. It could have a positive effect on self-esteem and how women view their relationships and really, guys, this is an estimated 40% of women have trouble in the bedroom so this is a real issue and this might be the answer that people are looking for. And real quick -- It'll take a while. Doctors are testing it now and not cheap, 1500 bucks and is not covered by insurance. Lots more to discuss on this. Got to hit the road.

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{"id":22389057,"title":"Female 'O Shot' Promises to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom","duration":"3:00","description":"Doctor claims this injection has shown great success increasing women's libidos.","url":"/GMA/video/female-shot-doctors-claim-injection-improve-womens-libidos-22389057","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}