Female Teen Plays Quarterback

Female breaks gender barrier when she leads her high school football team.
3:00 | 09/01/12

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Transcript for Female Teen Plays Quarterback
Girl power just in time for football season history is being made in Florida. For the first time ever a female is taking -- the field at the high school quarterback breaking another gender barrier in the sports world. -- -- this now and -- off. The gridiron ceiling was shattered. Aaron did make -- has now become the first female in Florida high school football history to play as quarterback. I'm always like that -- not let -- look at this as a layman like it's like. -- -- region the seventeen year old south plantation high school senior was drafted to play by Dell gateway. Poster and flag football -- -- for potential. And they're like this night. Under Friday Night Lights and in front of the pack crowd immediately whose team was down by -- points at halftime and they can't play tonight. And we -- But and did come to play and as he marched on the field with a minute forty left in the fourth quarter the crowds. On she made history. But -- cheering harder than her parents my heart -- am just so excited. So excited for her and for all its intention here today and surpass his credibility and I -- that he can do this I just. I -- be able to prevent teen kicker Zack and other maintenance and she had been more than welcomed onto the team it's the same as -- down -- team play. She's our work. It may -- is focused on local not saying. Yeah yeah yeah. Newly minted quarterback help to close out the -- 31 to fourteen victory. They she's proven herself. Its mission anti cholesterol and heart kidney and get us a separate locker room and it. They must do everything we obviously is actually have a -- jets could use some help -- don't have anybody have -- -- -- -- in New -- to --

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{"id":17133416,"title":"Female Teen Plays Quarterback","duration":"3:00","description":"Female breaks gender barrier when she leads her high school football team.","url":"/GMA/video/female-teen-plays-quarterback-17133416","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}