Ferguson Faces On-Going Violence Despite Efforts to Restore Peace

Clashes continue after the release of officer's name keeps tensions high.
8:09 | 08/17/14

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Transcript for Ferguson Faces On-Going Violence Despite Efforts to Restore Peace
Extraordinary pictures coming in overnight from Missouri, as the man in charge of controlling the violence in Ferguson is caught in an apparent contradiction. Here's what captain Ron Johnson said yesterday about the curfew. Tonight, we won't enforce it with trucks and tear gas. We'll communicate. We'll talk about, you know what? Hours later, they did, in fact, use tear gas. They said it was because officers saw man who was shot and they needed to disperse the crowd to get to the wounded man. There are no science that the disorder will end anytime soon. We have team coverage from all the angles this morning, including former New York City police commissioner ray Kelly offering expertise. We start with Alex Perez in the middle of it all in Ferguson. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. It has been a long night here in Ferguson. The chaos beginning just after midnight. Authorities are trying to enforce the midnight curfew when they found out some of the P protesters are parmd. We're going to lob smoke first, smoke first. Reporter: Chaos erupting overnight. As S.W.A.T. Teams move in after reports of a shooter at the protests. Police in fuel riot gear. One protester was shot and in critical condition this morning. Several people under arrest for refusing to disperse. We got a report of a shooting victim. They did deploy tear gas in an effort to move back and get to the shooting victim. Reporter: Police say the response is appropriate. A reaction to the shooting and not to enforce the curfew. Protesters screaming for justice. The 12:00 A.M. Curfew imposed after tempers flared after the naming of the officer who shot Michael brown. You are in violation of the state-imposed curfew. Reporter: A scene out of the middle east in middle America. Police taking control of the area and planning to remain out in full force. We will still patrol the area. We'll have officers patrolling the area to make sure our citizens are safe and our businesses remain healthy. Reporter: Officers were deployed to protect businesses. No reports of overnight looting at this point. Things could change this afternoon. Another huge crowd expected for a planned rally late this afternoon. Alex, you said it, scenes out of the middle east in middle America. Thank you. Stay safe down there. Meanwhile, for the first time, we're getting a look at the officer who shot and killed Michael brown. That's the incident that kicked off this chaos. Officer Darren Wilson. He's in hiding but we're learning a lot about him. Steve osunsami is covering that angle. Stooefr, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning to you, Dan. The families have been saying this. Police shared long before this the pictures and mug shots and names of all of those people involved in the looting and beating earlier this week. Long before they shared and identified this officer. The mistrust here is strong. This morning, families here are getting this first look at the police man who shot and killed Michael brown. Here's officer Darren Wilson, awarded last February. He's just 28 years old, a six-year veteran of the Ferguson police department. This morning, he has to hide in a safe place, secret shelter from the fire storm of rage and anger running through the streets. This suburb of St. Louis now known to the world after Michael brown was shot in the street. Missouri's governor took his call for order to a city church. Is this is a test of whether a community, this community, any community, can break the cycle of fear, distrust, and violence. Reporter: He order the midnight curfew. It didn't go over well. You need to charge that police with murder. Reporter: At one point, he's caught in the middle of the screaming. We're going to watch this one day at a time. This is not Normal. And our hope was that we would return back to a peaceful Normal. But killing our children isn't Normal! Wait, wait, wait, wait. Reporter: Just when people were kettling down, the pot boiled over on Friday, when the Ferguson police chief released this surveillance video. Police believe it shows Michael brown in the middle of a strong-arm robbery at a liquor store 15 minutes before he was shot. When I made the 911 call, they all told me, it ain't our problem. Every time you do something like this, it pushes my baby cousin's case backwards. See, they're not helping. Reporter: The department of justice urged police here not to release that video. Worried it would make things worse. The police here beat down, wanted to get more of their story out. The police chief tells me he as R and his officers have received death threats daily. You and I discussed this a little bit last night on "World news." I want to probe your thinking. What do you think after being there a week, what do you think will calm the situation down finally? Reporter: Absent the prosecution of this officer, I'm not sure what will ease the tensions here. People are demanding prosecution of this officer. They want to hear charges, but the district attorney says it would do weeks before a decision is made on that. Steve, thank you. Let's get the perspective of ray Kelly, the former police commissioner of the city of new York. Good morning, commissioner. This has bqq' going on for over a year. The democratic governor imposed a curfew, a state of emergency. Somewhat your take on how the situation is being handled? I think you have to emphasize that Ferguson is a small down. They don't have the resources. Hindsight is always 20/20. In my career, I learned to do thintáháhe hard way. I think there are things there that had they had an opportunity to do over, they would do over. For instance, I think you need full disclosure f)om the beginning. You put out all the information this is what we have. This is what we don't have. This is what we know. The specifics as far as Numbers of shots fired, bullets -- the wounds on the body. That sort of thing. We don't know this. I think part of the problem came about because there was this sense that they were holding back information. I think also you need one person in charge of the or ration. And I think the governor tried to do that with captain Johnson. It's not clear whether or not he's totally in charge because you have multiple jurisdictions. You have small towns, agencies there because they don't have the resources to do it on their own. You have the state police, the county police, all the towns. They're lessons that they're learning. What can be done to ease the tensions right now? Communication. That's what they're attempting to do. Continue the go out, meet with the community. They're not easy sessions, as you can see. I think there's a fatigue factor with captain Johnson. Quite frankly. He's doing everything out there. It's taking a toll on him. You can see it. But continue to have meetings with communities. Continue to get that exchange and listen to them. As the process goes forward, the grand jury process hopefully continues to go forward quickly. We thank you for your time. You don't think this is going to end anytime soon. Thank you so much, Dan?

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{"id":25012154,"title":"Ferguson Faces On-Going Violence Despite Efforts to Restore Peace","duration":"8:09","description":"Clashes continue after the release of officer's name keeps tensions high.","url":"/GMA/video/ferguson-faces-violence-efforts-restore-peace-25012154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}