Will Ferrell Wins Top Humor Prize

"SNL" cast mates came out to honor funnyman as he took home Mark Twain Prize.
1:26 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Will Ferrell Wins Top Humor Prize
No -- a five's and celebrates its flaws street -- That cavalry the comedic genius here to order one of the greats -- -- about it take pairs of impairment. If you meet people -- Europe body at many questions about this Mark Twain the first being who -- Eight people -- is much you're -- national treasure. I'm not done my speech. On Saturday Night Live -- everything from the cheerleader. To music teacher. The war list president. Grave offenses like a Solomon Islands and who joined the coalition without. It regards the fact that they don't even have an army. On film he's -- -- figure skater wins the driver. In the sequencing -- music everywhere wrong Burgundy. -- -- -- -- -- -- By a minute anchorman. Last night He was honored for all of this work not bad for a California -- with curly hair in a degree in sports information. Good Morning America John -- ABC news -- Ron Burgundy would say --

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{"id":14802585,"title":"Will Ferrell Wins Top Humor Prize","duration":"1:26","description":"\"SNL\" cast mates came out to honor funnyman as he took home Mark Twain Prize.","url":"/GMA/video/ferrell-wins-top-humor-prize-14802585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}