Fiancee of embattled former Trump campaign adviser comes to his defense

In an exclusive interview, Simona Mangiante tells "GMA" that George Papadopoulos "is very loyal to his country."
7:22 | 12/08/17

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Transcript for Fiancee of embattled former Trump campaign adviser comes to his defense
That is true. Right now to my exclusive interview with the fiancee of George papadopoulos. The trump campaign foreign policy adviser who became the first witness to plead guilty in the Russia investigation cooperating now with prosecutors and now Simona mangiante is revealing details for the first time about how they met, his work on the campaign and why papadopoulos is working with the special counsel. George papadopoulos is witness one in the Russia investigation. Simona calls him a patriot for working with prosecutors. And you believe he would end up as you said on the right side of history. He's already on the right side of history. I think it will make a big difference go a big difference. Yes. In what way. Helping clarifying what's happened. His contribution will be important. Reporter: They met during the presidential campaign. September 2016. He reached out for me based on my linkedin. We both worked actually for professor Mifsud. Professor Joseph Mifsud described in court records an an overseas professor with substantial connections to Russian government officials who told papadopoulos about Russians processing -- possessing dirt on Hillary Clinton. He's extremely connected at high level. Different governments including the Italian government. Russians. Russia as well. I mean I suppose, I assume he does, absolutely. I remember he was often coming back from trips from Moscow. So if it turns out he was working for the Russian government, it down slyke you'd be surprised. Absolutely not. Do you think he sought out George because George was working for the trump presidential campaign. I know that he was interested in George because he was working for trump. When word broke the administration downplayed his contribution to the campaign. The president called him a low level volunteer. A former campaign adviser said this. He was the coffee boy. No, George is a remarkable, young man with an incredible experience in the professional experience in the field of energy and oil policies. This experience led him to get into the campaign and to advise the president at only 28 years old. He set up meetings with leaders L over the world. He was constantly in touch with the high level officials of the campaign and he never took any initiative as far as I know unauthorized. Constantly in touch with members of the campaign. Was he in touch with the chief strategist Steve Bannon? Yes. As far as I know, yes, I know Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn. He was in touch with Michael Flynn, general Flynn. Yes, as well. And this is by e-mail, by phone call. Yes, being based in London was miscommunication and e-mail. He had communications with top levels of the campaign. Yes. Everything he was doing was with the knowledge of those officials? As far as I know, absolutely, yes. He never took any niche tiff without the being of the campaign. And you believe that he can demonstrate that. Absolutely, yes. You've seen the e-mails. Yes. Mangiante says papadopoulos hoped to land a job in the trump administration. But just a week after president trump's inauguration it all came crashing down. January 27th of this year he gets interviewed by the FBI. What did he think that was about. My feel something all this came completely out of the blue. I think he didn't even worry too much because he didn't feel he had anything to hide. When did he know he was in trouble? I think when they made it clear to him that after the Arre arrest he understood that he was in trouble. Not before that. I don't think so. As soon as he find out he committed a mistake he took responsibility for that and he passed to the right side of history in my view. The decision to cooperate. Exactly. It was very brave because as being the first one and he is helping a lot. You describe him as both loyal to trump and a patriot. Yes, he is. And he's doing his patriotic duty by cooperating with the special counsel. Yes. Absolutely. And mangiante was also interviewed by authorities. When were you interviewed by the FBI. October. A month ago. After George had pled guilty. The same day George pled guilty, I received a subpoena from Mueller. No kidding. Yes. Bring us inside that room. What did they ask you. They wanted to know my connection with Mifsud, some of my connection to the European parliament and other personal questions about me and George. Is it true I heard this, is it true they asked if you speak Russian. Yes. So do you speak Russian. I can only say spa cia. That's all. You're not Russian. No. How surprised do you think I and everyone watching at home will be when they learn the whole story? I think it's very interesting that George will write a book about it and really saying his side of the story giving more details about what's happened. With the president from what you know, will the president be happy with the story George tells? I -- I don't -- I mean, I think it's right to dismiss George as a coffee boy so sure not to be happy to read that -- there is consistent evidence he was not a coffee boy. What does he do all day. Taking notes for the book. He wants to write to say his story and thinking about different option for the future. From what you know about his story, what do you think the title of that story is? Not to spoil his premiere but I think it's sort of been the first domino in the russiangate. The first domino in russiangate. She also described how when after he was arrested by the FBI how much he learned from Mueller and his team which convinced him that this was a much, much bigger story. Fascinating stuff. We're all sitting here talking. Not exactly sure why she's speaking out. I know. I kept asking why would you agree to speak out and she's Italian. She's an Italian sit sit & does -- I think what got to them in the interview was the description by a campaign official as a coffee boy. Buy getting his feelings hurt it made him say, that's enough of this. Yeah. We should say we reached out to both Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn, our team did and got no response yet. Also, that professor Joseph Mifsud who is named in this charging document he says he is the man described in the papers but has denied any wrongdoing or knowledge of the Clinton e-mails. With her talking doesn't hurt the case. She's allowed to talk. Actually he's allowed to talk to although his sentencing is coming up and I think he'll work on the book until that sentenceing. Fascinating how she says he wants to get on the right side of history. And a patriot. Thank you, George.

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{"id":51666578,"title":"Fiancee of embattled former Trump campaign adviser comes to his defense","duration":"7:22","description":"In an exclusive interview, Simona Mangiante tells \"GMA\" that George Papadopoulos \"is very loyal to his country.\"","url":"/GMA/video/fiancee-embattled-trump-campaign-adviser-defense-51666578","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}