Frat Party Erupts in Violence, Arrests

Arizona police say two nonstudents were attacked by fraternity members during a fight over a girl.
2:29 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frat Party Erupts in Violence, Arrests
Now to an out-of-control fraternity brawl caught on tape in arizona. Police say the massive fight involved baseball bats, gunfire, five people arrested so far and this is not the first incident for fraternities at arizona state university. Abc's john muller joins us now with more on this. Yeah, good morning, robin. One of the five -- one of the from erpts temperature members remains in intensive care. Police expected more arrests in addition to the five they have already charged. All this as the uniity and a city struggle to reign in a problem that's getting out of hand. A late night frat party shut down by gunfire. Tempe, arizona, police say a party at the delta kappa epsilon apartment complex came to a violent end friday night after two nonstudents were attacked by fraternity members over a fight over a girl. You can see the shoving match captured by security cameras and in these newly released 911 tapes you can hear what happened when the party crashers returned with reinforcements. 911, what is your emergency? Somebody came in with a baseball bat and smashed somebody in the face. You need to get over here right now. What's going on there, ma'am? Oh, my god. Reporter: It sent partygoers running for their livesluckily, no one was shot. This morning, tempe police have three attackers in custody but arizona state university's neighbors say they've had enough. Eight months of constant partying, constant underage drinking. The cops may show up but never got shut down. Reporter: Since the school closed greek housing in 012 they have filled nearby apartment complexes like these and in that time, neighbors say crime, loud parties and violence has skyrocketed. You've got, you know, 50 kids or more yelling and screaming and throwing bottles and stuff, it becomes very threatening. Reporter: At the same apartments where this weekend's melee took place, two rival fraternities were caught on tape brawling it out last november. In march two female students were hospitalized for burns after a partygoer threw a bottle of alcohol into an open fire causing an explosion. The bottom line is we're going to respond and we're going to take care of the situation and we want our residents to y live in a safe area. Arizona state officials say they are working with off-campus fraternities to move them on campus by the fall semester. The fraternity says they were unprovoked and nobody in the apartment complex the night of the melee.

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{"id":19081763,"title":"Frat Party Erupts in Violence, Arrests","duration":"2:29","description":"Arizona police say two nonstudents were attacked by fraternity members during a fight over a girl.","url":"/GMA/video/fight-caught-tape-frat-party-brawl-video-shows-19081763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}