Final Days of Holiday Shopping May Result in High Discounts

Last-minute holiday deals may lead to big savings on that special gift.
2:29 | 12/23/15

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Transcript for Final Days of Holiday Shopping May Result in High Discounts
Back now at 7:41 with good news if you put your holiday shopping off until the very last minute, turns out in some cases the longer you wait, the more you can save. ABC's gio Benitez, our cozy customer is at Macy's in new York. Gio. Reporter: I love sharing good news, Lara. Good morning to you. Here at Macy's we found some insane deal, sweaters and coats, 65% off. But the most shocking deals right now, jewelry. We're talking 90% off and you still got time. Check this out. ? this morning the mad rush for those last-minute deals and you're not alone. 40% of the season's sales happen on these final days before Christmas morning with less than 48 hours to go, it turns out waiting this long may be good for your wallet. Just check out some of these deals, a diamond necklace on Amazon, 86% off. Saving you nearly $400. This camera from Canon, just 38 bucks. Stores like the gap, banana republic, expression and aeropostale, 40% to 640% off the entire store. We're past the biggest part of the holiday shopping season so retailers are already looking ahead to the post-holiday season and wondering how they can keep retailers online and in stores. That's why they're offering amazing deals even this week. Reporter: For a higher price, many retailers are offering overnight delivery. So, if you order within the next few hours you could get your gifts by tomorrow. But it's risky. Your best bet for a last-minute deal is definitely to go in store and it's not necessarily because there aren't deals online, it's because even sites with guaranteed shipping might not arrive in time for Christmas. Reporter: You could also look for local experiences rather than products, on groupon we found this 60-minute massage in New York for 91% off. 29 bucks. Or private dance lessons in los Angeles, 77% off, $39. And remember, gift cards are still the most requested gifts so Starbucks is getting ready to sell those. This is why, because last year, they sold 2.5 million just on Christmas eve. That's amazing, guys. You know it's going to be used. Yeah, absolutely. I hope you like yours. I bet he wants the massage.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Last-minute holiday deals may lead to big savings on that special gift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35921053","title":"Final Days of Holiday Shopping May Result in High Discounts","url":"/GMA/video/final-days-holiday-shopping-result-high-discounts-35921053"}