Find a Sperm Donor on the Internet

Many couples are finding fertilization help for free online.
5:04 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Find a Sperm Donor on the Internet
Pretty startling story now -- what takes this couple to a hotel room but -- -- the total stranger who's gonna help her have a baby. ABC's Elizabeth Vargas investigated this new and growing phenomenon of couples getting free help from sperm donors they meet on the Internet here to tell us about it. This is and -- This is -- -- -- -- and what would you do if you were desperate to have a baby but -- already spent tens of thousands of dollars on. Sperm banks fertility treatments are in vitro fertilization. Well for more and more women there is a new online option. There are risks and enormous potential rewards. My monitor it -- -- a high area now so -- -- they continue this Friday. Like millions of couples -- and Richard are on a quest to have a baby. But unlike most of their labor of love is launching them on a cross country Odyssey. -- -- sexy back. -- on the way -- so this started when they discovered Richards mastectomy could not be reversed. They spent years taking in more than sixty Foster children and ended up adopting two of the neediest. But -- 33 years of age events yearns to give birth herself at his final and what did you -- lake. You know to have that baby inside of you after two years and 141000 dollars worth of sperm banks and artificial insemination is big nearly lost hope. And then one day Beth turned on her computer and clicked onto a brave new world some people go on the Internet for sex life I go. On the Internet -- When she Google -- her current. To -- surprise it turns out there's an entire online universe devoted to freeze sperm donation it's a weird blend of FaceBook match dot com and a traditional. Sperm bank. Reporter Tony -- pills that months investigating this new online world for -- Newsweek cover story. A fairly common location for of the exchange's. Starbucks Starbucks. And little star yet the -- and that one bathroom they always have. I have to like any cut her a copy I mean though you'd use a -- -- In the cup two the recipient and -- go to the bathroom. A few months ago -- discovered the freeze sperm donor registry and didn't donor named -- Sullenberger. -- was a brilliant 26 year old software engineer who -- work for government agencies. He's also a member of the brotherhood who giveaway -- sperm rather than -- thousands of dollars selling it just sperm banks -- do this. Over the Internet to. And for free someone who loves Chandra and I still want to have a child I don't suspect that I -- refused to -- -- China. I am -- I'm nature a bit of an -- of -- Today -- drew was traveling to a Maryland hotel room. Chris tell you had a baby -- -- -- affect the best and Richard have come here all the way from Wyoming to inseminated with demand they've never met before. -- so convinced that drew should be your donor I had talked to hand. He told me what he believed he told me about the charities he needs to you I just knew he was a good guy -- me. Knew that I want to talk with them armed with a good gut feeling Beth is ready to go to the next step. -- alone. And not. -- -- -- -- -- that. Drew retreats to the bathroom with a cop and his imagination and downstairs bath and Richard don't have to wait long for -- taxed. -- says he's done it definitely -- current. Now it's time for best to Begin her part in the process I will thank you. Thank you don't. Well I'm just curious what do you use -- -- in the movies you see it Turkey makes Turkey just he's a regular sir and while best positions the -- to ensure maximum effect final delivery of this gift is entrusted to richer. You know that there are people out there watching us right now thinking we're crazy. Funny how you -- who is planning tacitly let me. Back then this really stronger sense I wanna have a biological child I have to an extra hard to get it. We'll soon. That's Andrew had inseminated several times during her cycles and they have formed a real bond at best says drew was tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. And gives her the results. At a sperm bank though the semen is frozen for six months and tested for various diseases clearly with online donors that is not the case with freeze sperm. So that is a big factor the -- is -- cracking -- -- -- -- the FDA is cracking down -- there are set to allow a lot of regulations around the sale of frozen sperm. That are not in place for the donation a -- sperm so the FD is already threatening to arrest certain people. Who are not paying close attention Collins regulations. It was really something never heard him like this before -- the thanks very much and full report tonight on 20/20 at 10 eastern on ABC.

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{"id":15353321,"title":"Find a Sperm Donor on the Internet","duration":"5:04","description":"Many couples are finding fertilization help for free online.","url":"/GMA/video/find-sperm-donor-internet-15353321","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}