Fire Rages in Reno, Nevada

Fast moving winds are a major variable for this devastating fire.
3:03 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for Fire Rages in Reno, Nevada
We -- burning a fast moving wind whipping fire wildfires causing devastation and about a city. Check out this photo those are flames just outside of this city. -- the fires being blamed for at least one death and dozens of homes have been destroyed or damaged. ABC Cecilia Vega is in Reno with the latest good morning Cecilia. Good morning to you beyond -- you know it was so windy out here yesterday when this fire started that fire crews couldn't even tackle this fire from the air. And now look at this this is the result nearly two dozen homes destroyed. This one was -- 121000 square foot house and now it's just a shell. For ferocious winds of 75 mile an hour gust -- this fire out. -- -- planes into these upscale neighborhood. -- -- 2000 acres torched more than twenty homes and structures damaged by nearly 101000 people forced to flee their homes in search of safer ground. Members are very unsettling this morning -- about two apartments smelled smoke. One of our neighbors fireplaces -- just smoking. Suck it -- about 6 this morning. Lot of different people ask if I didn't know what they're talking about so we've heard of them. We're kind of in shock right now. Firefighters in the hospital after suffering serious birds a 74 year old man dead after suffering a heart attack while trying to flee it's a tragedy but I want everyone to know that. The state is on it we have all our assets have been deployed the National Guard is on stand -- It was that dangerous combination of dry land and brutal winds that pushed this fire from 400 acres to more than three square miles this wind is unbelievable it's that -- that Imus has -- that's what's. -- the whole -- out of proportion just as the -- this is an awful. But wants the -- Dying down firefighters said they managed to -- 4000 homes. Still thousands more were forced to evacuate and many spent the night in -- which shelters. On the front lines the worst may be over but for residents returning home today the cleanup is just beginning thousands of people are other homes overnight when an -- -- him. Our goal is by 12 o'clock today. And the owners of this house already know that it has burned to the ground but Dan. Many others will be returning in just a few hours to learn their very sad face. Cecilia thank you an incredible scene behind you as we said the big variable this morning is the wind so let's check in with the newest member of our team the meteorologist ginger Z -- -- -- good morning field. Good morning -- good morning everyone 141. Miles per hour that was the storm at its peak 22 miles north and east of Reno. That's just one number of eleven Gasper eighty plus it's this low pressure system that rotates counterclockwise that pulls a wave from Reno today. Relaxing the wind so that is great news for those folks the forecast. Found -- five miles per hour from the west so things are looking up and the weather going to swap rate a bit more at its tantrum is over.

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{"id":14988840,"title":"Fire Rages in Reno, Nevada","duration":"3:03","description":"Fast moving winds are a major variable for this devastating fire.","url":"/GMA/video/fire-rages-reno-nevada-14988840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}