Firefighter Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Marshall Moneymaker wears pink equipment in honor of his three sisters.
3:13 | 10/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Firefighter Supports Breast Cancer Awareness
When you think firefighter you think heroic you probably think tough guy or gal but do you think. Hot patent well one firefighter -- and proudly wears hot pink here. All the name of breast cancer awareness and ABC's David Curley explains. He's got a very personal reason for doing. Think of firefighters its heavy gear heavy smoke. But not something that looks like this breed of kind of stick out a little bit -- good conversations. And Marshall money maker of wearing his hot pink fired -- wants to tell this story. Not about his job as a firefighter of the guys who drive the -- of the ladder truck just outside -- see no Marshall money maker wants to talk about his three sisters. His three sisters who all died of breast cancer in the span of two years. Vicky to the -- four had a vasectomy though less so I was like what's going on here and penny. It hit me like this fire truck -- Marshall needed time off to take -- be -- to -- -- before He died He didn't realize He was becoming seriously depressed broken as He says. Pretty broken I was awful towards my shipmates just means. You know I did my job where it came time the bells ring island in my job but the social environment decline isolated myself. We all -- Marshall controller. Do anything in the world yeah. Sometimes He was just closed down -- It's almost people who voted his fellow firefighters didn't give up one there were big and -- farm. We don't like submitted we're what we're there to take care you and everyone else. Except that vulnerability and say I need help. To be -- for -- guys. It was it was a humbling lesson for me. And then. Everything changed when her breast cancer walk -- marshals -- -- -- -- -- He went and talked about his sister's. They asked him to keep telling his story and that they just have literally changed my life and it's. It's been a roller coaster ride since He started wearing pink and supporting breast cancer walks and it is fire -- surprised him. With all that pink -- Which He now wears around proudly not on fires but to cancer events with his new passion of advocacy think it's a good -- I was -- -- works. And all I can think about was. We love you -- we're here to honor you. Obviously I hope you're proud -- your little brother. You know the little brother in king who's now recognized on the street. With the fires -- -- changed his life and He hopes it helped save others. David -- ABC news silver spring Maryland. You know sometimes we forget how important awareness in his -- and the. The pain is all about awareness reminding people self exams at center I was treated Warren -- got a -- that's part of city Empire State Building was -- and yes that guys fall and awareness as well.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Marshall Moneymaker wears pink equipment in honor of his three sisters. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14743518","title":"Firefighter Supports Breast Cancer Awareness","url":"/GMA/video/firefighter-supports-breast-cancer-awareness-14743518"}