Trainer Discusses Weight-Gain Experiment

Fitness buff Drew Manning explains why he is packing on the pounds.
3:46 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Trainer Discusses Weight-Gain Experiment
Joining us now to talk about going from fit the fat -- back to fit as personal trainer through Manning and his wife -- Good to meet you both men shaking hands that's real that's very unfortunately. Three what is -- -- doing this. There's a lot of the physical changes obviously like the the dead and -- my big but now but there's the emotional mental changes which it didn't really factor in when I first started this journey. That is it harder or easier than you thought it would attack on those LB's. Well it was easier I gained the weight easier than a fabulous line you know I -- my goals in fifty to sixty pounds in six months and obviously I -- over achieved in that category so. 76 pounds and -- what are the changes you've seen in your husband. So what haven't I seen -- cut. There's been so much that's -- obviously he says he's tired he's sore he complains all the time it's. It's her friend to help out and do every day things that were so easy for him to do when he was then had to energy he's -- I think you guys were surprised -- -- -- how. Effective fuel as opposed to physically how it changed you guys yet because that's I -- I just get fat and I get back to fit to be that easy read but now mentally and emotionally. I'm way more self conscious and that was going to be it's affected me as a as a dad not -- you know commitment to your little girl. She has all this energy united -- and she cries -- I can't play with -- so emotionally it's kind of like. You know I can only imagine what other people go through -- -- the do those things they say that little self consciousness but it -- -- and trying to curry and they're thought I would be but you know stepping shower and seeing me in having her seeming eyes you know I feel they don't want cover up even in front of her. But Darby -- has have a better understanding of of what it's like for people who struggle. With their -- both in the marriage. And the person who's going to have personally when do you think now you have an understanding to. I think I have a better understanding has you know in a lot of ways. Let like we were just saying like you don't really see the emotional turmoil that something's going there with the extra weight and I know injured I know that he is not only difference is night and he wants to -- -- -- house. But it's literally like his he can't you know he really is -- he really is tired. So it's kind of interesting to see that dynamic and it makes me see people that -- -- struggling a little bit more being number way a little differently as well. I know you want to do this through for that very purpose. And -- -- under doctor supervision because -- there was pressure. It's the skyrocketed. And all those things but Saturday what happens on Saturday the Saturday accurately as the day -- backed my journey back to fit. And the whole purpose of that side of the journeys to invite as many people as possible to join me on the journey. So people can follow my exact meal plans and workouts on my web site for free. And have full access to all that I saw some of our crew members coming up to you and asking and wanting to follow exact long so edit should be everyone should consult their doctor before they definitely yeah but -- -- it's also it's not one size fits all no pun intended when trying to get this off. Yes without the Al that's going to be -- towards mean people can file for free. And have a guideline but that I needed to be to adjust if their woman or that they have some medical condition they need to adjust accordingly. Any regrets. And now I don't think -- have any regrets its way it was worth it to me that the fact that tens of thousands are -- Meehan and are inspired by this. Wounds for me it's worth all the treasonous or whatever people want college so -- worth the risk. What that would save Africa's most personal trainers are all fit and people who -- working out like you don't understand what I'm going to exact now. They do you know you we will know what they're going until we can better understand the growth rate -- all the best -- -- -- -- ask if consent but I -- now for both sides of the hearing and how it is where spouses who -- -- you're touching him.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Fitness buff Drew Manning explains why he is packing on the pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856945","title":"Trainer Discusses Weight-Gain Experiment","url":"/GMA/video/fit2fat2fit-trainer-drew-manning-discusses-weight-gain-experiment-14856945"}