Fixation: Dan's Animal Adventure

Anchors share stories, images, and videos that capture their attention.
2:57 | 10/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fixation: Dan's Animal Adventure
All right time now for fixation where we -- the stories pictures and video that caught our attention during the week. I want to start threat that -- we'll show and tell I was on a trip last couple weeks I was over in Asia and one of the stories that had to do was to go into. Me cage filled with the -- So I want to show you what happened when it went inside his cage that is the snow leopard that's not wanted to show you we'll wait wait port area -- clouded leopard. Thirteen month old baby girl that her sister. It was pretty fun at things in here that's not gonna show we're showing much for the sixers in the coming weeks it would -- -- all right what about Jones remember him from police academy. Yes -- -- it again and over a million people this week well you've watched this on you check this out. Kennametal. At this level Led Zeppelin whole Lotta love you does indeed why -- -- attorney fighting. His career and -- Police academy was mad as hell if it happened. -- viral sensation of being twins. We've been watching them -- free video call program there what opponents escaping from his -- so I was on GMA earlier this week. Vigorous the kind of left here and -- -- Dana. The gentleman on the right who's -- more passive. Go out and played a lot of space gets upn. Goes down the street. You're expected to let -- right here that we -- his -- we did indeed -- Cheryl from Alberta Canada. It's impossible to understand how about that He was okay mom and. Think yeah. -- is actually -- -- are calling -- individual are still aren't you want the Euro. What exactly was -- on. With -- -- is I was. That I couldn't believe me just stressed Akbar it is laying out over the railing He did He doesn't call me trying to Chuck -- -- -- -- Chuck brown okay that -- you've got -- burden of this threat yes we do but let's say who it's from. Do we have any sort of their. -- -- -- -- I dutiful -- -- babies escaping taking a page from -- the animal lover here's video of the dog escaping up and yeah yeah. Console what kind of that it -- that that yes I thought yeah yeah woman build miniature Jackson road. I think that -- and I think that He had great. -- name is Gracie was worth waiting for. But she jumped the dog trying to steal his daughter of -- where his -- -- we should say. Send us your picks Asians we will use them on the air as proven by the -- there.

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{"id":14795988,"title":"Fixation: Dan's Animal Adventure","duration":"2:57","description":"Anchors share stories, images, and videos that capture their attention.","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-dans-animal-adventure-14795988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}