Fixation: Dragon Baby Best Video of 2012

"GMA" Anchors interview creator of their favorite online video.
3:04 | 12/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fixation: Dragon Baby Best Video of 2012
all right, time now for the big reveal for our people's choice awards, the top "fixation" of 2012. Last week we showed you the nominees, the epic b.A.S.E. Jump fail, the guys driving a car through a store and giggling, the crazy dancing cockatoo and the one called dragon baby and it is time to reveal winner can we get the envelope, please, fonzie? That one. Top secret. We spared no expense in the delivery of this envelope. Bianna? Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Well done. And it's -- come on. Dragon baby. Dragon baby. All right. Dragon baby. And as we watch this for a second, take a second and soak this in before we bring in the creator. ♪ oh. The killer baby and we are thrilled to have patrick who is the creator of this amazing video. His son is the star and there they are. Mo hawks this morning. I'm digging the look. Congratulations. Thank you. So, patrick -- I don't hear you well. I'm sorry if I might be like -- that's okay. We'll speak up. Patrick, I have to ask you, how did you come up with this idea? Well, it's a simple idea. New child playing with a teddy bear. In that case, a dragon and it's just because I can do it actually. I'm a special effects specialist so I just wanted to do it, fun, in fact, and I did one with my daughter two years ago and now i had to do one with him otherwise he would have been jealous in a few years. Talk to us about how you did it. We actually have some video of the special effects you used. Can you walk us through how you got it done. Well, yeah, actually I design ed it in two scales, one scale for him. The other scale for stunt man, same thing with dragon, then i started shooting the fighting scene in front of a green screen outside. Then I shot my boy over a green screen, as well and I replaced the head and the shoulders of my boy and I placed him -- I placed e head and the shoulders over the stunt man and that's it. Awesome. So great. We love the video. Basically -- I'm wondering if you can do something -- the special effect you have is combination of two scales. I'm wondering if you can do something for my 9-month-old son jake. That would be a fun video to watch. You, your son is adorable. Our viewers love it as well. Can't wait to see what's next. We're back after a quick break. When we come back, ron about be sporting a mohawk. Keep it here.

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{"id":18094789,"title":"Fixation: Dragon Baby Best Video of 2012","duration":"3:04","description":"\"GMA\" Anchors interview creator of their favorite online video.","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-dragon-baby-best-video-2012-18094789","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}