Fixation: Elf Yourself

"GMA" hosts share their favorite content from this week.
2:07 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for Fixation: Elf Yourself
Shake things up for bid this morning current session fixation whenever simply -- When I predict how it's not actually from around despite a -- anymore and we're also bowed down to three this would be pressed three grade fixed stations and day in your morning. Start the festival of eternity when these videos Teddy bear the porcupine who does not like to share check him out he's seasoned corn and -- of the zoo keepers there. -- -- -- -- Some people think he's saying -- -- Additionally this. Don't need -- most. It has very little dog named jade. Won't watch this video here -- Sneezes. On. -- -- -- It all started. I'm getting somebody on your -- and paranoid -- just blowing. Oh in the dog's nose and she responded no I'm not citizens moments that I believe her role on it. -- -- -- -- -- The sneeze can -- say bless him yeah. The -- yeah. -- and -- sorry but and I let it slip that video of us have Christmas party. How did you not bad -- sorry it's it's it's out there I can't happen now. -- -- -- -- CNN has serious things and they've done and I -- -- Okay okay it's a free web site held out yourself dot com. From did jab and neediest seniors passed the big big -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the first groups to the upcoming. Well. We --

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"\"GMA\" hosts share their favorite content from this week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15082405","title":"Fixation: Elf Yourself","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-elf-15082405"}