Fixation: Penguins on a Plane

"GMA" hosts share their favorite content from the week.
2:41 | 03/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fixation: Penguins on a Plane
Yeah our weekly -- pageant of the absurd where we collect images. Pictures and stories from all of the interwebs and present them to you run the interwebs. -- -- No expression. When pigs can fly well. We obtained exclusive video that ABC news has learned that case and why some -- Helps -- figure out of the witnesses. Through the mountains of -- and got launched an outer space and now we'll bring the US. Just yet but we're -- -- -- -- not less traffic say that I'm playing right I was forget that starts so early Cleveland Indians first Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday MLB network. Had a live game audiences that agency with the players and analysts and -- -- Senate bill. That that investment didn't kill Nazis cots there singing some of the Dallas he said and that -- it after it said. Don't my music hash tag and entertained don't fight it. -- -- -- It takes so much abuse and allowed -- now in. Into perpetuity look into the other day the captain delta flight 486 from Atlanta to New York. Got on the intercom before the flight took up and said is -- you're allergic to penguins'. Nobody does look up and -- them when they hit altitude this is what happened. We're gonna chase and video they unleashed some -- Penguins and I'm walk out of the caveat I feel like they're really like is the entertainment news the end of landed nose that's in the -- -- -- I didn't penguins. This these penguins were flying to New York for the premiere of a movie called frozen planet. On Discovery Channel out -- in the evening -- everything turns out there are a lot of penguins who have showed on planes or videos all over the web. And -- -- in Atlanta enhancing the nasty attacks. So -- nobody gets one final note it doesn't take much explaining take a look at this former reporter trying to get some answers out of a lawyer this case has been -- as a reporter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doing his job and our friends at CTV in British Columbia Canada and the reporters and posted that video -- is he's not yet exports he said go ahead and have a all -- the business -- Ellington navigator and a perfectly visible. To.

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{"id":15896580,"title":"Fixation: Penguins on a Plane","duration":"2:41","description":"\"GMA\" hosts share their favorite content from the week.","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-penguins-plane-15896580","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}