Fixation: Star Trek House

"GMA" hosts share their favorite content from this week.
2:47 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Fixation: Star Trek House
I sent her an occasion where we show -- the strangest things that if I'm mad period partially quick note about the set may look slightly different view tomorrow is national bubble -- day. -- the whole place got bubble -- don't let that distract you however is hindered its status. Well you said that we find them -- one -- asking viewers to find -- and this is our press showing you -- view her fixation. Fanfare -- these super exciting I was starlet who doesn't want to be like hey dad even when you're very young baby check this out twins. -- -- -- -- was how does that -- that was -- -- of Saratoga Springs Utah thank you. Gather we appreciate it quick note figures -- five and we found this guy who is a huge -- -- take a look at him he as you might be able to tell big Star Trek fan. He got divorced a few years ago decided to turn his entire apartment into this a replica. The shift -- -- from what's the name of that front. Surprise anyway -- here that flashing lights the -- planes sample of Patrick Stewart's lawyers but here's the twist. He's eventually get divorced his wife still -- the apartment she recently announced she's selling it the whole thing could look at right is that he's out -- there. If normalcy -- he he admits he. Cried -- Condit not over do you remember how you'll be there in the old cartoons used to walk around the -- -- and then yeah. I'm well -- Michelle Martinez -- a video in the Seoul South Korea that safari world this video here check this. This is not a person in a bear -- yeah. There are upright walking around and how got a weird and scanners is correct this person is innocent wow watching were 100 evolution happening why -- -- I think breaking news -- I don't -- yeah yeah. -- of walking there's a traffic cop you know and you. More than just walked in and give directions in the Philippines little dance do apparently the big Michael Jackson -- -- -- says he's good. Yeah. And he says -- doesn't keep Bay Area happy to vote is happy clearly is -- big smile on the basis. -- -- Have any real thing in this statistic for the people who sent us the -- reps say that. One minute -- popping bubbles equals a 33 minute massage in terms of stress release. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I'm. -- it until the sweetest and CNA.

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{"id":15466444,"title":"Fixation: Star Trek House","duration":"2:47","description":"\"GMA\" hosts share their favorite content from this week.","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-star-trek-house-15466444","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}