Fixation: Weather Girl Proposal

"GMA" hosts share their favorite content from this week.
2:15 | 12/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fixation: Weather Girl Proposal
Time -- facing cliched stories -- And videos that caught our attention this week and we just have to share your rock your first I really -- this story every -- -- -- that -- housing goes all out every year for the holidays and don't think -- -- compete with him of historical data Beaverton Oregon that are. That's the house of the neighbors that he -- -- I've been warning that -- so you don't want. They do lazy to compete just give me give us an unmanned flights on -- have no idea is that a -- appreciating ditto Laura and we -- Yeah yeah it's an homage to the neighbors say OK -- -- -- split the bills have never. I did say the proposal -- -- -- yes and you know I've had all types of distractions doing weather but nothing like that's that's. With mostly sunny skies. Any. -- -- and we -- yeah. -- -- listening. To ABC affiliate Georgia only hope -- -- Here's the thing generally and her now -- met earlier this year at a church and a gust at -- -- this this. Very brilliant romance and getting married now August 2012 and that he married a saint just it's not enough to close to my hometown and I don't mention it again. A lot of -- here. Yeah network one of the things a lot of people look for when they're getting -- -- -- -- anything they want somebody who can protect him and our dogs and he's aggressive. Take a look at his think he's at the right stuff. Have been better spent and he's chasing and ice cube in his home. Who lives in Brooklyn he's not -- all of the. Look at this morning out of -- got lots of negative news to show you it's nice and today we'll. The defendant is -- -- have -- -- -- -- -- up we also gave him he -- excuses -- didn't fight every kid very sweet video. -- I -- there's a story video or picture you can't get enough but we want you to tweed guest -- GMA.

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{"id":15132414,"title":"Fixation: Weather Girl Proposal","duration":"2:15","description":"\"GMA\" hosts share their favorite content from this week.","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-weather-girl-proposal-15132414","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}